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Graduation Information

Commencement 2021

When and Where

SUNY Schenectady County Community College's 51st Commencement Ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 2 p.m. in the SUNY Schenectady main parking lot. This will be a drive-through ceremony.

How Will It Work?

In order to ensure a smooth process, we will be lining all cars up starting at the State Street loop road entrance. All other entrances will be blocked. Each student is permitted two (2) vehicles only: one vehicle in which you are a passenger and another for other family who reside in the same household. You and your guest vehicles must arrive together in the line. Lineup will snake down under the Scotia bridge, around the campus parking lots to keep as much traffic off of State Street as possible. If you do not have a vehicle, please reach out to Sabrina McGinty, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, at 518-381-1344 for alternative instructions.

All students must wear a facemask to participate. Students and their guest vehicle will drive up to the front of the stage. The students will vacate their vehicle and cross the stage from left to right.

  • You will place your name card on the table at the top of the ramp. Dr. Cheryl Renee Gooch, Vice President for Academic Affairs, will announce your name.
  • Dr. Moono, College President, will place your diploma holder on a table at the center of the stage. You will cross the stage and pick up the diploma holder.
  • You may then turn to your family vehicle for pictures. All family members must remain in their vehicles and take pictures from the car.
  • We will be following social distancing protocol. Therefore, Dr. Moono will not shake your hand and will remain at least 6 feet away from you.
  • You will then finish crossing the stage to the right and return back into your vehicle.
  • All vehicles will process out to the Washington Avenue exit, near I-890.

Will Graduates Wear Caps and Gowns?

It's Not Too Late To Order!

All students eligible to participate in Commencement who intend to participate should order their regalia (caps and gown) from the College Store, in-store, Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Orders will be accepted through May 17.

Students who ordered before April 5 can begin picking up their regalia Monday, May 10, 2021. Later orders will be available beginning May 12. Orders placed after May 10 will be subject to availability. NO orders will be accepted after May 17.

*The Cost of your cap and gown, as well as any late fee associated with ordering will be paid this year by the SUNY Schenectady Student Government Association.

Special Accommodations

If you need ADA accommodations, please reach out to Susanna Adams, Coordinator of ADA Transition Services, by e-mail at

How Long Will the Ceremony Last?

We suggest that you bring water and snacks for your car as the wait may be long. As this is a completely unrehearsed process, we anticipate this may take up to 3 hours. We ask that you be patient during this process, as we want to ensure all students have the chance to walk across the stage.


In the case of inclement weather, we will continue with the Commencement. In the case of lightning, we will temporarily stop the ceremony until the lightning has passed.

Commencement Information Sessions

Monday, May 10, from 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Join the Monday, May 10 Commencement Info Session
Meeting number: 129 358 9200
Password: EqHVqGyG69

Join by Phone 
1-408-418-9388 United States Toll
 Access code: 129 358 9200

Tuesday, May 11, from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Join the Tuesday, May 11 Commencement Info Session 
Meeting number: 129 076 9575
Password: dmRPbRKR449

Join by Phone
1-408-418-9388 United States Toll
Access code: 129 076 9575

Wednesday, May 12, from 2:00-3:00 p.m.

Join the Wednesday, May 12 Commencement Info Session 
Meeting number: 129 052 7864
Password: J2GmMu3Smc3

Join by Phone
1-408-418-9388 United States Toll
Access code: 129 052 7864



SUNY Schenectady
Congratulates the candidates for May 2021 graduation!

We are proud of you and believe in your future.

(List updated April 20, 2021)

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May Associate in Arts | May Associate in Science | May Associate in Applied Science | May Associate in Occupational Studies | May Certificate

Associate in Arts, May 2021

Victoria L. Baker - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Lucia Mara Bazzani - Humanities and Social Sciences
Shelby Lynne Bonacquisto - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Cory James Bowers - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Joseph Thomas Clark - Humanities and Social Sciences: History Concentration
Sharon Davila - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Kelly Jean DeMatteo -Humanities and Social Sciences
Kaila M. Dudley - Humanities and Social Sciences
Lindsay R. Heller - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Tatiana Danuta Joachim - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Victoria Kathryn Kennedy - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Helena G. Kingsley - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Alyssa Dawn Klouse - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Maria Lomanto - Humanities and Social Sciences
Nathan W. Moller - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Deidra R. Moriarty - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Breanna Nichelle O’Boyle - Humanities and Social Sciences: Communication Concentration
Lucas J. Parsons - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Brittany L. Paruszkiewicz - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
David Joseph Pitt, Jr. - Humanities and Social Sciences: Sociology Concentration
Hannah N. Potter - Humanities and Social Sciences
Karlina Danielle Ramirez - Humanities and Social Sciences
Jackson C. Rittner - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Katlin M. Shafran - Humanities and Social Sciences
Katelyn Rose Singleman - Humanities and Social Sciences
Sophia C. Smith - Humanities and Social Sciences
Danielle M. Valachovic - Humanities and Social Sciences
Edward Joseph Walsh - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Jason Paul Williams - Humanities and Social Sciences: Sociology Concentration

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Associate in Science, May 2021

Abaid Arqam Abbas - Computer Science
Yaritci Alvarez Guzman - Business Administration
Audrey Armour - Criminal Justice
Emily Rose Baker - Performing Arts - Music
Michela M. Balascio - Aviation Science
Reshma  Balram - Criminal Justice
Sabrina C. Balzan - Nutrition
Jessica Michelle Bertrand - Nutrition
Hurbert Moses Bhagwandeen - Business Administration
Faith Olivia Leigh Brown - Teacher Education
Kaitlin Ashley Carlson - Criminal Justice
James Patrick Cerny - Programming for Game Design
Selena M. Cobian - Business Administration
Monica Louise Cook - Criminal Justice
Nicholas Joseph DeCinto - Programming for Game Design
Keegan James Delury - Aviation Science
Sergei A. Desjadon - Mathematics and Science
Alden A. Dicruttalo - Computer Science
Alif Din - Science
Allison Dordon - Nutrition
John E. Drazba - Biotechnology
Fantasia M. Ellers - Business Administration
Jacob R. Esperti - Business Administration
James B. Fink - Science: Biology Concentration
Robert B. Fleming III - Business Administration
Brennan David Fletcher - Aviation Science
Shane Orlanzo Francis - Business Administration
Jonathan G. Frank - Business Administration
Alijah G. Gibbs - Business Administration
Neal C. Girdhari - Nutrition
Emily Joanne Harrison-Andino - Business Administration
Karmin Hemraj - Science
Kelly C. Hendrickson - Business Administration
Hunter George Herzog - Aviation Science
Ryan W. Holland - Business Administration
Russell J. Holman - Business Administration
Osatohanmwen Becky Ikponmwonba - Human Services
Nicholas T. Jachimecki - Aviation (Non-Pilot)
Dereck Jaggarsal - Business Administration
Logan Gabrielle Johnson - Nutrition
Brandon R. Jones - Aviation Science
Jennifer D. Jones - Teacher Education
Gabriella E. Jourdin - Business Administration
Jessica Frances Faith Joye - Human Services
Daniel Riley Kelly - Aviation Science
Donald K. Keruskie - Nutrition
Jonathan D. Kinisky - Performing Arts - Music
Cameron Koons - Criminal Justice
Justin Matthew Kulbako - Business Administration
Devin Patrick Lamm - Aviation Science
Wenqi Li Business - Administration
Evan J. MacTavish - Aviation Science
Megan Kathryn Marchena - Teacher Education
Isabella Esther Marshall - Teacher Education
Christopher H. McAllister - Human Services
Emily Paige McDade - Criminal Justice
Kristian Onyx McGrail - Business Administration
Leann M. McMurray - Criminal Justice
Landon John Melfe - Nutrition
Mary Meyer - Performing Arts - Music
Ekaterina Mishchenko - Business Administration
Shabana Mohamed - Business Administration
Shafeena Mohamed - Business Administration
Jake T. Morrissey - Performing Arts - Music
Stephen Kyle Mosley - Business Administration
Hema Naraine - Business Administration
Michaela N. O’Clair - Biotechnology
Jazz J. Ortiz - Nutrition
Emily S. Pahl - Mathematics and Science
Benjamin M. Panariello - Criminal Justice
Blaine T. Parsons - Business Administration
Liara Perez Arias - Criminal Justice
Malesia Persaud - Business Administration
Lyla Arcelis Pettway - Human Services
Spencer Alan Phillips - Science
Nicole L. Pitsas - Business Administration
Christine Marie Powell - Nutrition
Shivanie Prasad - Science
Taylor L. Pumphrey - Criminal Justice
Osman Rasul - Criminal Justice
Kara Nicole Ray - Business Administration
Ryan Michael Rodriguez - Business Administration
Katherine A. Rooney - Nutrition
Rebecca A. Roos - Criminal Justice
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Rounds - Teacher Education
Christopher C. Roux - Performing Arts - Music
Amanda J. Ruther - Teacher Education
Quinn Thomas Sakala - Science
Anthony Samaroo - Criminal Justice
Hunter N. Scheriff - Aviation Science
Riley Peter Schmidt - Business Administration
Benjamin M. Scribner - Business Administration
Brianna I. Shackelford - Human Services
Ghaith Shahin - Business Administration
Devika Pertab Sharmav - Business Administration
Abigail Lynn Shaw - Business Administration
Angelie E. Singh - Nutrition
Matthew John Spence - Aviation Science
Jessica Lynn Stafford - Nutrition
Sabrina M. Steady - Human Services
Rajshree Sumair - Computer Science
Dooranie Surujlall - Criminal Justice
Nalia Alexandria Swartz - Criminal Justice
Noah Gilbert Tan - Performing Arts - Music
Angelique A. Thibodeau - Human Services
Kevin Thomas - Business Administration
Hunter Valley - Criminal Justice
Samuel Richard Wallner - Aviation Science
Richard A. Weinheimer - Criminal Justice
Turwaina Weish - Science
Alyssa Marie Wilks - Performing Arts - Music
Nathaniel David Wolf - Computer Science
Kailynne Dawn Zafke - Criminal Justice

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Associate in Applied Science, May 2021

Javdat R. Abdalov - Computer Networking Systems and Cyber Security
Shamil Yousif Salman Al Zaydan - Hospitality and Tourism Management
Michael Joseph Anderson - Computer Information Systems
Richard J. Baez - Accounting
Michael J. Banewicz - Accounting
Salma Barak - Early Childhood
Alexandrea Jasmine Barnes - Music Audio Technology
Taisha F. Beckford - Criminal Justice/Paralegal
Nathan R. Benham - Computer Networking Systems and Cyber Security
Gregory Thomas Bern - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Tamarah M. Boone - Early Childhood
Sadaisha M. Bowden - Business Administration
Dylan T. Bradt - Accounting
Edward K. Bradt - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Sloane V. Brown - Criminal Justice
George E. Burns - Music Audio Technology
Jennifer N. Busch - Early Childhood
Anthony E. Crispino - Business Administration
Kristine Margaret Cronk - Accounting
Julia D. Culbertson - Criminal Justice
Troy C. Czaban - Computer Information Systems
Nicholas M. Daskalakis - Hospitality and Tourism Management/Hotel and Restaurant Management
Keida De La Rosa - Hotel and Restaurant Management: Beverage Management Concentration
Joseph P. Dean, Jr. - Paralegal
Joseph Michael DelBrocco - Accounting
Colleen A. Dorsey-Conforti - Chemical Dependency Counseling
Kathy S. Dunlap - Accounting
Arthur Carl Echavarria - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Olivia R. Edwards - Business Administration
Zakaryia A. El-Shroa - Computer Information Systems
Ramel J. Faulkner - Business Administration
Elisandro Feliz Matos - Computer Networking Systems and Cyber Security
Brandon M. France - Fire Protection Technology
Denise Marie Fuller - Business Administration
Victoria Bella Gatta - Accounting
Henry C. Gerhard III - Computer Networking Systems and Cyber Security
Emma P. Gotham - Human Services
Harry Diston Hart III - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Bashir Hotak - Computer Networking Systems and Cyber Security
Michelle Marie Hoyt - Paralegal
Amy Marie Huber - Hospitality and Tourism Management
Ryan John Huber - Air Traffic Control
Nakeyda Alexis Jackson - Accounting
Janine L. James - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Kimberly F. Jones - Business Administration
Jessica L. LaPine - Accounting
Kendra E. Logan - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Conan M. Madigan - Music Audio Technology
Jessica Lynne Mason - Chemical Dependency Counseling
Jessica Keny Mathurin - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Gretchen Jane Mitchell - Paralegal
Makenna Marie More - Hospitality and Tourism Management
Mackenzie Elizabeth Morine - Early Childhood
Abdul Hadi Mukhliss - Computer Networking Systems and Cyber Security
Nicholas Anthony Muscatiello - Computer Networking Systems and Cyber Security
Anthony James Haswell Musco - Computer Networking Systems and Cyber Security
Carmen Alicia Nazario - Biological Technician
Christopher Bryan Neuhaus - Music Audio Technology
Tracie Lynne Nichols - Accounting
Matthew Robert Nicholson - Craft Beer Brewing
Ashica A. Niles - Music Audio Technology
Nasir Ahmad Noori - Computer Networking Systems and Cyber Security
Zachariah Ali Onkaya-Budak - Paralegal
Olivia Otero - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Jahnni M. Pacheco - Paralegal
Nicholas C. Passonno - Criminal Justice
Carly Marie Patti - Business Administration
Dana V. Persaud - Hospitality and Tourism Management
Alexandra D. Quimno - Hospitality and Tourism Management
Deolall Ragubar - Business Administration
Dania Nicole Ramirez - Criminal Justice
Alexander James Reisinger - Music Audio Technology
Hailey A. Robideau - Criminal Justice
Sabrina Rose - Accounting
Brooke A. Ross - Business Administration
Ryan T. Rydzewski - Computer Information Systems
Kristin L. Salisbury - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Jessica Lynn Scott - Paralegal
Ryan Scott Semerad - Criminal Justice
Padmini G. Singh - Early Childhood
Andrew Peter Smith - Craft Beer Brewing
Jasmine Lee Solana - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Mark R. Sollohub - Craft Beer Brewing
Emily Jo Stevens - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Nicholas P. Stockman - Craft Beer Brewing/Craft Spirit Distillation
Terell F. Strickland II - Human Services
Abigail R. Tessitore - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Josephine E. Thomas - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Megan Marie Titus - Business Administration
Ahmad Tokhai - Computer Networking Systems and Cyber Security
Zarrita Triolo - Business Administration
Hezekiah W. Tubbs - Hospitality and Tourism Management
Gina A. Voris - Criminal Justice
Spencer Alan Wesley - Chemical Dependency Counseling
Tori Lee Wilcox - Criminal Justice
Erica Wright - Accounting
Henry Evan Zelenak - Music Audio Technology
Rebecca Jane Zenker - Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Associate in Occupational Studies, May 2021

John Michael Baerga - Culinary Arts
Arvin R. Clemente - Culinary Arts
LeeAna Grace Doolin - Culinary Arts
Panagiota A. Giakoumis - Culinary Arts
William Lawrence Gross - Culinary Arts
Francis R. Harris - Culinary Arts
Harry Diston Hart III - Culinary Arts
Ileana Hernandez - Culinary Arts
Kelly Ann Honsinger - Culinary Arts
Zakiyyah Iyana Hood - Culinary Arts
Arianna Liggon - Culinary Arts
Marcelo Macedo - Culinary Arts
Tyler C. Martin - Culinary Arts
Cole D. Mead - Culinary Arts
Emily L. O’Brien - Culinary Arts
Alissa R. Parker - Culinary Arts
David John Pendergast - Culinary Arts
Colin P. Ponto - Culinary Arts
Sierra Carol Putnam - Culinary Arts
Melanie Mercedes Ramos - Culinary Arts
Lauren Nicole Ranaletto - Culinary Arts
Harrison L. Russo - Culinary Arts
Tiara Eliza Showard - Culinary Arts
Amira L. Singletary - Culinary Arts
Austin M. Skinner - Culinary Arts
David Vazquez - Culinary Arts
Joseph E. Vice - Culinary Arts
Damion R. Virgo - Culinary Arts
Pierce Robert Wall - Culinary Arts
Derek Rashaan Wall-Carty - Culinary Arts
Starr Marie Wood - Culinary Arts
Laurie Ann Young - Culinary Arts

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Certificate, May 2021

Valerie Michelle Butler - Medical Coding and Billing
Deina R. Carbonara - Bank Financial Security and Money Laundering Prevention
Rebecca K. Conover - Direct Support Professional
Melissa Deal - Assistant Chef
Joshua S. Dingman - Digital Music and Beats Production
Jessica Erin Fuller - Chemical Dependency Counseling
Andrew Gluck - Music
Cody James Green - Chemical Dependency Counseling
Sumayyah I’Anna Hakim - Health Studies
Samuel Hardeen - Digital Music and Beats Production
Zachary Michael Hayes - Music
Tajiana Renee Howard - Health Studies
Diana Jaggarsal - Medical Coding and Billing
Staci Jones - Chemical Dependency Counseling
Kevin Richard Klump - Craft Beer Brewing
Alessandra Lee Lagon - Medical Coding and Billing
Michael John Lazzari - Craft Beer Brewing
Jacob Freeman Lebediker - Digital Music and Beats Production
Alexis N. Loomis - Health Studies
Francis Loughran - Bank Financial Security and Money Laundering Prevention
William D. Mayer, Jr. - Computer Repair and Networking
Mariam Ibukunayo Ogunnusi - Health Studies
Neil Aaron Salazar Orlina - Health Studies
Rosalie L. Phan - Assistant Chef
Connor Brian Raab - Music
Alexander Jay Reagan - Community Health Worker
Jennifer M. Redguard - Health Studies
Veyontae S. Riley - Medical Coding and Billing
Lucas George Rodriguez - Music
LaToya Ruiz-Mansfield - Bank Financial Security and Money Laundering Prevention
Kaitlyn Angelina Shelton - Health Studies
Aidan H. Strayer - Craft Beer Brewing
Reve D. Valace-Cox - Health Studies
Kaitlynn J. VanGasbeck - Medical Coding and Billing
Felicia Diana Watts - Medical Coding and Billing
Ryan Wilson - Music
Trinity S. Wohlferd - Digital Music and Beats Production
Pamela R. Zotta - Medical Coding and Billing

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SUNY Schenectady
Congratulates the February 2021 Grads!

We are proud of you and believe in your future.

(List updated April 20, 2021)

Associate in Arts, February 2021

Jonathan Howard Fajans - Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences
Andrew Stephen Vincent Licciardi - Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences

Associate in Science, February 2021

Dillon R. Davis - Business Administration
Cailey Grace DeDell - Biotechnology
Abhijeet Singh Gulati - Computer Science
Caleb Jegar Hitt - Business Administration
Kelly M. O’Donnell - Human Services
Mary R. Perez - Criminal Justice

Associate in Applied Science, February 2021

Brenda O. Beauregard - Business Administration

Certificate, February 2021

Alexis Bridget Coy - Bank Financial Security and Money Laundering Prevention
Sarah E. Laird - Direct Support Professional
Jack Michael Mooney - Music

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SUNY Schenectady
Congratulates the December 2020 Grads!

We are proud of you and believe in your future.

(List updated March 3, 2021)

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December Associate in Arts | December Associate in Science | December Associate in Applied Science | December Associate in Occupational Studies | December Certificate

December 2020 Graduates

Associate in Arts, December 2020

Ryan Fingar - Humanities and Social Sciences
Grace Fischer - Humanities and Social Sciences: English Concentration
Emily Fronk - Humanities and Social Sciences: History Concentration
Anastasia Gayne - Humanities and Social Sciences
Cody Green - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Grace Hamichand - Humanities and Social Sciences: Sociology Concentration
Jasmine Hampton - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Andrew Jarrett - Humanities and Social Sciences
Maninder Khela - Humanities and Social Sciences
Alex Kocjan - Humanities and Social Sciences
Dora Lawyer - Humanities and Social Sciences
Lakota Levandowski - Humanities and Social Sciences: English Concentration
Makyla Lillard - Humanities and Social Sciences: Psychology Concentration
Salvatore Martin - Humanities and Social Sciences: History Concentration
David Quillinan - Humanities and Social Sciences: History Concentration
Joel Young - Humanities and Social Sciences: Communications Concentration

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Associate in Science, December 2020

Maham Arif - Criminal Justice
Molly Baker - Criminal Justice
Jessica Beauchemin - Nutrition
Elizabeth Black - Business Administration
Lataia Brewington - Human Services
Jesse Bucher - Business Administration
Derek Cuthbert - Human Services
Ling Ling Dong - Criminal Justice
Keegan Enders - Aviation (non-pilot)
Samuel Estrada - Criminal Justice
Helleny Feliz - Teacher Education
Camaldai Girdhari-Birju - Human Services
Andre Graham - Business Administration
Hunter Harville-Moxley - Performing Arts: Music
Hasnain Hashmi - Business Administration
Saqlain Hashmi - Science: Biology Concentration
Niktina Hayes - Criminal Justice
Peter Hemingway - Business Administration
Zuleika Herrera - Human Services
Alisa James-Polite - Nutrition
Cody Lawler - Business Administration
Colin Lewis - Business Administration
Whitney Lopez - Business Administration
Mahogany Love - Business Administration
Joseph Makara - Computer Science
Vishal Matadin - Criminal Justice
Cheyanne Mcphail - Business Administration
Tatyana Mohr - Nutrition
Sydney Reed - Business Administration
Summer Rodeghero-Immer - Human Services
Albert Schmidt - Science: Biology Concentration
Natalie Semprebon - Criminal Justice
Jahmeen Shepard - Business Administration
Michael Skiff - Human Services
Shalton Stanley - Criminal Justice
Keri Thompson - Business Administration
Arnold Trifaro-Aggas - Criminal Justice
Megan Whelan - Teacher Education
Daniel Worcester - Computer Science
Jason Wright - Business Administration
Michele Zebrowski - Human Services

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Associate in Applied Science, December 2020

James Albert - Human Services
Rebecca Bailey - Human Services
Jarrett Barnes - Criminal Justice
Rebekah Bernhardt - Early Childhood
Nathaniel Beynon - Paralegal
Katherine Caiazzo - Biological Technician
Gregory Caro - Craft Beer Brewing
Zachary Caronia - Air Traffic Control
Ashley Close - Biological Technician
Zachary Clubine - Craft Beer Brewing
Clifford Conyers - Paralegal
Gregory Cross - Paralegal
Max Dangerfield - Craft Beer Brewing
Cecilia Dedios - Early Childhood
Juliana Ducharme - Criminal Justice
Brendan Gillooley - Paralegal
Latchman Harnandan - Hospitality and Tourism Management
Jacob Hernandez - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Charles Hurley - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Juan King - Paralegal
Eric Lautenschlager - Craft Beer Brewing
Amber Letko - Criminal Justice
Elainor Malette - Paralegal
Valmira Maloney - Business Administration
Brooke Mccarthy - Human Services
Tyikea Mclean - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Salma Musa - Accounting
Joshua Nick - Emergency Management
Verena Paparoto - Craft Beer Brewing
Gregory Parks - Criminal Justice
Tejkumar Persaud - Computer Information Systems
Amanda Rieder - Business Administration
Frances Sarchioto - Paralegal
Brandon Schultz - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Fatemma Shadwick - Paralegal
Rachel Simmonds - Business Administration
Robin Steinhorst - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Ryan Szablewski - Hotel and Restaurant Management
Ryan Trestick - Craft Beer Brewing
Morgan Wolfe - Business Administration
Zachary Wright - Criminal Justice

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Associate in Occupational Studies, December 2020

Cahtina Gamble - Culinary Arts
Michael Labanowski - Culinary Arts
Marybeth Leo-Smullen - Culinary Arts
Angelina Malatesta - Culinary Arts
Kenneth Oneill - Culinary Arts

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Certificate, December 2020

Kristine Damato - Health Studies
Tera Dolan - Early Childhood
Diamond Dorsey - Health Studies
Victoria Dunston - Music
Youshmanie Etwar - Hospitality & Tourism
Gina Gentile - Bank Financial Security & Money Laundering Prevention
Saudia Hasnally - Health Studies
John Kessler - Craft Beer Brewing
Christine Krawczyk - Medical Coding & Billing
Nicole Lopez - Teaching Assistant
Monique Mccoy - Chemical Dependency Counseling
Sophia Moya - Direct Support Professional
William Moyer - Chemical Dependency Counseling
Darline Nicolas Ferrus - Direct Support Professional
Andrew Soltani - Chemical Dependency Counseling
Kaitlyn Steinhorst - Entrepreneurship
Cheyenne Vautrin - Hospitality & Tourism
Morgan Wolfe - Entrepreneurship
Michele Zebrowski - Community Health Worker

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