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Tips and Strategies for Student Success

Resource Center

  • Complete this Questionnaire to determine whether you need help with time management. A success coach can help you incorporate the following skills and strategies into your studies. 
  • Backwards Planning helps you break down large assignments into small, achievable tasks, and helps you know when you need to get started. Watch the Backwards Planning video (5 minutes)
  • Creating a Weekly Schedule helps you manage your time effectively.
  • The Eisenhower Matrix is a time management system that was developed by President Dwight Eisenhower who had to make tough decisions regularly about which of the many tasks he should focus on each day. This strategy helps you organize your time by importance and urgency. Watch the Eisenhower Matrix video (5 minutes)
  • Eisenhower Matrix worksheet:
    After watching the above video, use this worksheet to try this technique to see if it works for you. Create a list of all the tasks you must complete this week and then, using the chart to assign each task to the appropriate quadrant.
  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • Using a Daily Planner helps to increase your organization, productivity, and motivation, while decreasing your stress.

  • Self-Care Tips – Learn how to create a self-care plan to ensure you are making time for yourself and reducing your stress. 
  • Stress Management – What is stress and what are the possible causes? Identify how you respond to stress and learn stress reduction techniques to help you combat stress. Watch the Stress Management video (9 minutes)