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Paying for SUNY Schenectady

How much does SUNY Schenectady cost?

It depends on your program of study. Please review our tuition and fees.

Free tuition for all New York students?
Learn more about the Excelsior Scholarship.

There are ways to help you pay for SUNY Schenectady.

We know that figuring out how to pay for college can be difficult and confusing at times. To help us determine the best way to help you fund your education, we encourage you to apply for financial aid―even if you think you won’t qualify for much assistance.

As a student at SUNY Schenectady County Community College, you may be eligible for:

  • Federal grants (financial aid that doesn’t have to be repaid)
  • State grants (financial aid that doesn't have to be repaid)
  • Scholarships and awards (financial aid that doesn't have to be repaid)
  • Federal work study (part-time employment to earn money for education)
  • Loans (borrowed money that must be repaid with interest)

Bill Payment Due Dates

Fall 2024 bill payment due date is August 9, 2024
Fall Session II 2024 bill payment due date is September 6, 2024
Spring 2025 bill payment due date is January 2, 2025


Q: Where can I learn more about Financial Aid options (loans and grants, or the FAFSA process)?
A: Please visit our Financial Aid page.

Q: Does SUNY Schenectady offer scholarships?
A: Yes! Please visit the College’s Scholarship page. You are strongly encouraged to apply for a scholarship at SUNY Schenectady. Many scholarships aren’t awarded, because students haven’t applied for them!

Q: Can I set up a payment plan?
A: Yes! If you’re interested in setting up a payment plan with the College (paying for your courses over a specific time frame) please visit our Payment Plans page.

Q: I need a financial aid forms. Where can I find them?
A: First check the Financial Aid Forms page. If you can't find what you need there, contact the Financial Aid Office at 518-381-1468 or

Q: I would like to know when financial aid will be disbursed or how I can get a refund.
A: Please check the Disbursements and Refunds page.

Q: Can I use my Veteran Benefits at SUNY Schenectady?
A: Yes! Using Veteran Benefits could be an option here at SUNY Schenectady. If you are a veteran, or a dependent of a veteran, please visit the College’s Veterans Information page to learn more.

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Elston Hall, Welcome Center
518-381-1366 | E-mail Admissions

Financial Aid
Elston Hall, Welcome Center
518-381-1468 | E-mail Financial Aid

Student Business Office
Elston Hall, Welcome Center
518-381-1346 | E-mail Student Business Office

Academic Advising
Elston Hall, Room 222
518-381-1277 | E-mail Academic Advising

Testing Center
Elston Hall, Room 427
518-381-1293 | E-mail Testing Center

Student Life
Elston Hall, Room 223
518-381-1344 | E-mail Student Life