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Course Schedule and Academic Calendar

Introducing College Scheduler

Current Students: Finding the perfect schedule just got a whole lot easier with the new College Scheduler tool. Select the courses you want to take this semester, flag times that you need breaks for things like work or lunch, then generate a list of all possible schedules that meet your needs.

Launch College Scheduler for Students With SUNY Schenectady ID

Current Course Schedule for New Students Without SUNY Schenectady ID

College Scheduler can help you find every possible conflict-free schedule combination based on the classes you want and your preferred time schedule. Course Scheduler will help you:

  • Add Courses
  • Insert Breaks
  • Compare Schedules 
  • Optimize your class selection
  • Plan coursework around your busy life



Winter Session

  • Winter Session runs December 27-January 14
  • General registration is going on now
  • Learn more about Winter Session
  • How to find Winter Session classes
    •  Open the Course Listing page in Banner
    • On the first screen under "Search by Term," select "Spring 2022" and hit the "Submit" button
    • On the second screen in the "Part of Term" selection box, scroll to select "Winter Term (Late December)"
    • Hit the "Class Search" button at the bottom of the page to view all the Winter Session courses


Spring Semester

  • Spring Semester begins Tuesday, January 18
  • General registration is going on now


Academic Calendar

Full Academic Calendar for 2021-2022


Course Descriptions

Current course descriptions


Types of  Courses Offered

Traditional Online

Sometimes called asynchronous online learning. This type of course happens entirely online, through Blackboard, without virtual meeting times. Your instructor will provide materials for reading, lectures for viewing, assignments, and exams for evaluation. You will have the ability to access and satisfy these requirements within a flexible time frame with clear deadlines. Methods of asynchronous online learning include self-guided lesson modules, streaming video content, virtual libraries, posted lecture notes, and exchanges across discussion boards.

Online w/Scheduled Meet Times

Sometimes called synchronous online learning. This type of course incorporates the kind of learning that happens in real time. The schedule shows you the day and the time, but the place is online. This means that you, your classmates, and your instructor interact in a virtual environment, through Blackboard, at a specific time. You will need to make room in your weekly schedule for these classes the same way you would a traditional face-to-face class. Methods of synchronous online learning include video conferencing, teleconferencing, live chatting, and live-streaming lectures as well as online materials such as readings, videos. Online submission of assignments may be required.

Hybrid - On and Off Campus

A hybrid course has an online component and an on-campus component. The schedule shows you the day, time, and location of your on-campus requirement. The online requirements are made available through Blackboard. Class size will be carefully structured to limit the number of people in one space at a time. Careful social distancing protocols will be followed.

Traditional On-Campus

Traditional On-Campus courses will meet according to the published schedule in the assigned locations. Class size will be carefully structured to limit the number of people in one space at a time. Careful social distancing protocols will be followed.

Independent Study

An independent study project is an organized experience independently pursued by a student under the direction of a faulty member. Independent studies require an individual recommendation by the appropriate Division Dean and approval by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.