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Course Scheduling and Registration

College Scheduler can help you find every possible conflict-free schedule combination based on the classes you want and your preferred time schedule. Course Scheduler will help you:

  • Add Courses
  • Insert Breaks
  • Compare Schedules 
  • Optimize your class selection
  • Plan coursework around your busy life

If you have any questions about College Scheduler, contact your advisor today!

Launch College Scheduler for Students With SUNY Schenectady ID

Current Course Schedule for New Students Without SUNY Schenectady ID

Fall Semester

  • General registration is going on now
  • Classes start Monday, August 26

Fall Session II

  • General registration is going on now
  • Classes start Monday, September 16

Tips for Creating a Semester Class Schedule

  • Have “back-up” classes selected in case any of your first choices are closed, canceled or if you don’t have the prerequisites completed.
  • Remember… For every credit hour you take, you can expect to have two additional hours of work associated with that course every week. For example:
    • 12 credits = 12 hours in class + 24 hours homework = 36 hours total;
    • 6 credits = 6 hours in class + 12 hours homework = 18 hours total;
    • Don’t overload your schedule – take 12 credits instead of 15 if you are questioning how much time you will have for coursework.

Register early – save seats in the classes you want.

  • Be aware that courses are offered during the days, evenings, Saturdays, and online. 
  • When traveling between Main Campus and Center City, please allow yourself a half hour.
  • Be prepared for more challenging academic work than you had in high school.
  • Don’t register for early morning classes if you are not a morning person. The same applies for evening courses.
  • Take courses in the correct sequence. Be sure to complete any pre-requisites (courses that prepare you for a higher level course) if applicable.
  • Know the course requirements for your program of study and enroll in classes that meet those requirements. The information is available in the College Catalog and on your program's curriculum worksheet. See your academic advisor if you need help with choosing correct courses.
  • If you’ve never taken an online course before, it’s not recommended until your second semester.
  • Full-time study and full-time employment is never recommended.
  • If transfer to a four-year institution is something you are considering, be sure to register for courses that will transfer to the institution you have in mind. If you aren’t sure about the institution, connect with your academic advisor soon.