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SGA and Student Activities FAQs

What is SGA?

SGA stands for Student Government Association, and it is exactly that--the student governing organization of SUNY Schenectady County Community College. Each student (who pays the Student Activity Fee) at SUNY Schenectady can consider themselves a member of SGA. Through elected student government representatives, all students have a voice in matters pertaining to their organization and activities. Students elected to the council of SGA not only have a voice in college policies affecting students, but also are afforded excellent opportunities to develop leadership and management skills, interpersonal and group dynamic skills and learn the art of organization and governance. SGA also works to promote good relations with other community colleges in the state system and with the surrounding community of Schenectady County. The SGA office is located on the second floor of Elston Hall, Room 222.

Where is the SGA Office Located?

The Student Government Office is located on the second floor of Elston Hall in Room 222.

What are Student Activities?

The Student Activities program at SUNY Schenectady compliments the academic program of studies and enhances the overall educational experience of students. Student Activities provides services and programs to assist students in becoming more broadly educated and in developing more meaningful interpersonal relationships. This is accomplished through such programs as cultural performances and field trips, informational seminars and discussions, athletics, social activities, leadership programs, governance roles, performing arts, and clubs and organizations.

Student ID Cards and Library Cards

All full-time and part-time students must obtain a Photo ID Card. Please visit the College Store for details. This ID card also works as a library card at the Begley Library and other benefits available to those individuals who have paid the Student Activity Fee each semester (such as utilizing the the YMCA of Schenectady or riding CDTA).

What other types of student organizations are there at SUNY Schenectady?

A wide variety of student organizations exist on campus ranging from a Student Volunteer Organization to personal interest organizations such as the Black and Latino Student Alliance and the Stockade Brewers Club to professionally related groups such as American Culinary Federation. A list of all the clubs and organizations that are offered at SUNY Schenectady is available in the Student Activities Office, Elston Hall, Room 222, and in the Student Handbook. Students are encouraged to keep their eyes on campus bulletin boards to see when the clubs and organizations are holding meetings and/or programs. Becoming involved in a club or organization can help you to develop more meaningful relationships and to become better educated.

I want to participate in sports. What is available?

Athletic programs offered include men's and women's bowling. Also available to all students who pay the Student Activity Fee is a membership to the Downtown Schenectady YMCA. Students just need to show their College ID (with current validation sticker) to have access to the facilities. For more on our sports programs, contact Student Affairs at 518-381-1344.

Are volunteer opportunities available?

The College sees community service as a vital part of individual development. Individual students are often called upon to offer their skills in working with various service organizations in order to benefit the community. Past volunteer opportunities have included working with the American Red Cross, Inner City Ministry and the American Cancer Society. Fund raisers for Toys for Tots, Concern for the Hungry, and Meals on Wheels have also been held. Students can learn more about such volunteer activities by seeing their Student Government Representative in Elston Hall, Room 222.

I'd like to unwind and relax. Are fun activities offered?

Of course! Student Government recognizes the need for the development of interpersonal and social relationships. The Student Activities Board (SAB) is responsible for regularly offering events and programs that do just that! The annual Spring Fling is always fun, as are the holiday activities, the comedy acts and much, much more. Any student interested in joining the Student Activities Board is encouraged to talk to the Student Activities Advisor, Elston Hall, Room 223 or by calling 518-836-2818.

How do I find out about activities?

Student Activities posts flyers and notices for almost every activity on bulletin boards located in each building throughout campus. Pubic events are also listed in the public event calendar and in the events calendar that is visible when you log into the MySCCC portal. Events are also listed on the TV screens around campus.

All this sounds good, but why should I get involved?

Like most human beings, you probably have a need both to be a part of something and to stand out in some way. Becoming involved as a student can help you meet these important needs. Whether you participate in an organization, a campus program, volunteer or play intercollegiate athletics, you help yourself to become part of something. When you make good grades and take on leadership roles with others, you help meet your need to stand out. Research shows that college students who are involved are more successful than those who are not. INVOLVEMENT can be a key to success. So . . . Student Government invites you to gather information about our programs and try involvement! In the years ahead, we hope that you will look back on your time at SUNY Schenectady and taken pleasure in what you accomplished while you were here.