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College Scheduler

Ad for College Scheduler

Introducing College Scheduler

Current Students: Finding the perfect schedule just got a whole lot easier with the new College Scheduler tool. Select the courses you want to take this semester, flag times that you need breaks for things like work or lunch, then generate a list of all possible schedules that meet your needs.

Launch College Scheduler for Students With SUNY Schenectady ID

Current Course Schedule for New Students Without SUNY Schenectady ID

College Scheduler can help you find every possible conflict-free schedule combination based on the classes you want and your preferred time schedule. Course Scheduler will help you:

  • Add Courses
  • Insert Breaks
  • Compare Schedules 
  • Optimize your class selection
  • Plan coursework around your busy life


Contact your Academic Advisor to get help with College Scheduler.

To set up an appointment with your academic advisor, call, email or click their scheduling link.

Mitzi Espinola
Director of Academic Advisement and Retention
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Brennan Austin Peters
518-381-1200 x1184
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Jacqueline Danek
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Yvonne Goldman
518-381-1200 x1186
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Timothy Marcinek
518-381-1200 x1181
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Amy Student
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Anna Westerman
518-381-1200 x1185
Veteran's Certifying Official
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