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WFD&CE Archaeology

Fall 2020 Community Education Courses

Please click here for a printable PDF of the Fall Workforce Development and Community Education course book.

The following courses will be held online.


Archaeology Courses

Archaeological Research

September 1 – December 31
By Appointment    
CRN# 90875       
CFP 100-51    
Fee: $35
For Community Archaeology Program certificate students only
Instructor: Louise Basa or Diana Carter

This course is mandatory for students fulfilling the 60 experience hours required for the SUNY Schenectady Community Archaeology Program (CAP) certificate. Additionally, this course is required for all students engaged in archaeological research and laboratory under a SUNY Schenectady CAP instructor’s supervision. Students must speak with an instructor before registering. Click here to register.


Native American Archaeology

September 15 – November 17
6-9 p.m.
CRN# 92436     
CFP 102-51        
Fee: $165
Instructor: Adam Lucier

In this hand-on course, students will explore, through research, interpretation, artifact study and field activities, current ideas about Native American Lifeways prior to European settlement in North America, with emphasis on the Greater Northeast. Text/materials fee: approximately $30. Click here to register.



September 16 – October 28
6:30-8:30 p.m.
CRN# 91793       
CFP 129-51
Fee: $90
Instructor: Vivian James

Student will use laboratory work, readings, and interactive lectures in this introductory course to study the faunal (animal) remains from archaeological sites. They will learn to identify animal bones and some of the methods zooarchaeologists use to learn about how people lived in the past through their relationship with animals. This course focuses on frequency analysis, estimating age at death, and identification of cut marks. Click here to register.

Recording and Archiving Archaeological Data

September 17 – November 19
6-9 p.m.
CRN# 91390       
CFP 107-51
Fee: $165
Instructor: Diana Carter

This course addresses why detailed records are maintained during excavation, as well as how artifacts and records that form the basis for future research are processed. Hands-on activities include artifact illustration and description, photographic recording, the use of computers for databases and analysis, and final data archiving. Prerequisite: CFP 106 Historical Archaeology or CFP 102 Native American Archaeology. Click here to register.


-NEW- Exploring New Netherland: People, Places and Things

October 26 – November 30
6-8:30 p.m.
CRN# 92438
CFP 134-51
Fee: $125
Instructor: Jessica Nelson

Students will delve into some of the people and things that made the Dutch colony of New Netherland so unique on the colonial American landscape. Students will draw on a combination of translated documents, archaeological materials, and academic sources to visit the famous and everyday New Netherlanders who settled in the Hudson Valley and built their lives in this new West India Company colony. The class will explore what it meant to be a small colony established by a trading company in 17th century America, the diverse colonial population who lived here, and the archaeological assemblages they left behind. Students will be encouraged to contribute their own questions, topics, and projects to the course as they uncover this Dutch chapter in our local and regional history. Click here to register.