Already Accepted? New Student Info

Congratulations and Welcome!

Now what? There are several things to do to make your transition to SUNY Schenectady as smooth as possible. Please follow the steps below.

  • Apply for Financial Aid as soon as possible.

  • Submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online.
    If you are a New York state resident, apply for TAP (Tuition Assistance Program). After submitting the FAFSA on the web, a New York state resident is able to immediately link to the TAP application from the FAFSA confirmation page, which is pre-filled with their FAFSA data.

  • Complete Placement Testing, if required. The Testing Center is located in Elston Hall, Room 427.

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to plan your class schedule. Your Advisor will give you a PIN for registration.

  • Register for classes.This can be done on the computer located at the Registrar's Office, Elston Hall, Room 212 or via the "Records and Registration" button, located on the homepage.

  • Turn in your Immunization records to the Office of Student Affairs, Elston Hall, Room 222. If you do not submit your records (or waiver), you will be withdrawn from your classes and prohibited from attending.

  • Turn in your Certificate of Residence to the Student Business Office, Elston Hall, Room 219.

  • Pay the balance of your tuition and fees. This may be done in person at the Student Business Office, Elston Hall, Room 219, online, or via a payment plan. If your tuition and fees are completely covered by financial aid, the Student Business Office will use your financial aid to pay your bill, and you will be mailed a receipt as confirmation. If you do not pay your bill by the deadline, the College will assume  you are not attending and you will be dropped from your classes.

  • Confirm attendance and accept your classes.
    Go to "Records and Registration," log in, then click on "Confirm Attendance and Accept Classes."

  • If you choose, register with
    ADA Transition Services, Elston Hall, Room 222
    TRIO, Elston Hall, Room 328
    Education Opportunity Program (EOP), Elston Hall, Room 222
    Tutor Services, Begley Hall, Room 210

  • Attend Orientation.


The week before classes are set to begin:

  • Get your SUNY Schenectady ID card. This can be done in Elston Hall, Activity Forum.
  • Get your parking pass. Fill out the parking application form, and take it, along with your SUNY Schenectady ID, to the security desk at the main entrance of Elston Hall.
  • Get your textbooks at the College Store, Elston Hall, Room 109. Bring your course schedule and your SUNY Schenectady ID.
  • Follow SUNY Schenectady on Facebook and Twitter