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On-Demand Workshops

Student Success Center On-Demand Workshops

The Student Success Center offers the below on-demand workshops that you can view at any time. After watching the videos, feel free to follow-up with a success coach if you’d like additional guidance on the techniques presented or the resources referenced. Each presentation is accompanied by additional resources to help you start using these academic skills right away.

Goal Setting

What are your goals and why are they important to you? How can you achieve them? This presentation will explain how to develop an action plan that will help to motivate and guide you toward meeting your goals. Learn how to set SMART goals to help narrow your focus and make your goals more attainable. Watch the Goal Setting Workshop.

Study Skills

The SUNY Schenectady Student Success Center presents Study Skills. This video provides you with an overview of skills and strategies for effective studying. Several strategies related to reading and notetaking are highlighted. More information about these as well as other strategies is provided in the companion list of Study Skills Resources. Watch the Study Skills Workshop.

Test Taking and Anxiety

Taking tests can cause a lot of anxiety, which may have a negative impact on your test grades. This presentation goes into some things that may cause you to feel test anxiety, how to avoid those things, and how to let go of anxiety. You’ll also learn about test preparation and test taking strategies that will help you achieve the results you want. Watch the Test Taking and Anxiety Workshop.

Time Management

Are you struggling to balance all that needs to get done in the day? The Student Success Center is pleased to offer this presentation on Time Management. We will evaluate how we spend our time, discuss effective time management strategies to help reduce the stress of our workload, and provide tips to keep you motivated this semester! Watch the Time Management Workshop.