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Employee Return to Campus Plan

Spring 2022 – Changes to the Start of the Semester

These guidelines are subject to change based on recommendations and guidance from the CDC, New York State Department of Health, and SUNY, or in the event of a community or campus outbreak.

College community members and visitors are required to continue following the College’s most recent health and safety protocols. Please see specific guidelines below.

The start of classes will be delayed by one week and will now begin on Monday, January 24. Classes will be delivered online for the first two weeks of the semester.

Select labs or classes that need to meet face-to-face will still be on-campus at the start of the semester. See the list of face-to-face classes by section for details.

  • January 24: Classes begin
  • January 24 – February 4: Classes will be delivered online, with the exception of select labs/hands on classes
  • February 7: Classes that moved online return to campus and resume face-to-face sessions

The Academic Calendar has been updated to reflect the later start date.

Campus/Building Access

All campus points of entry and exit will continue to be in use for students, employees, and visitors. Individuals entering campus buildings will be advised of the health and safety precautions and self-screening through posters at each entrance. Please remember, if you are not feeling well, do not come to campus.

Hand sanitizing stations will be located at all points of entry/exit.

Face coverings will be provided at campus points of entry to all individuals needing one.


Masks must be worn in all areas of campus including instructional spaces regardless of a person’s vaccination status. Employees may wear their own face masks or cloth covering as long as it covers their mouth and nose. Masks with exhalation valves are not permitted unless covered with a face mask.

You must wear a face mask at all times, except when eating or drinking, or when more than six feet away from others in an outdoor space, or when working alone in a workspace.

You must wear a face mask in all common areas such as hallways, kitchens, lobbies, and restrooms, even when no one else is present.

Face coverings will be provided at campus points of entry to all individuals needing one.


All employees, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to complete COVID pool testing. Testing is free of charge and available in Elston Hall, Room 017 (near the Student Commons.)

  • Unvaccinated employees or those who have not disclosed their vaccination status are required to test weekly. If these employees are involved in a COVID incident they may be required to quarantine for 10 days.
  • Vaccinated employees who have disclosed their vaccination status are required to test on a monthly basis. If these employees are involved in a COVID incident, their vaccinated status may allow them to avoid being quarantined. Testing positive may subject the employee to a 5-day quarantine.

If you have not set-up a COVID-19 pool testing account, please go to and register. A User Guide to help you with your registration is available in the upper-right corner of this registration page. Each time you report for testing you should bring your smart phone and your SUNY Schenectady Employee ID. There are laptops available at the testing center if you do not have a smart phone. Please schedule your appointment using the Calendly link for employees.


Search for a COVID-19 vaccination location.

Faculty and staff are not mandated to be vaccinated or to disclose their vaccination status. All employees are encouraged to get vaccinated, and receive the booster when eligible, and to disclose their vaccination status to the Office of Human Resources. To disclose your vaccination status, the employee is asked to provide Human Resources with a copy of their Vaccination Record or their Excelsior Pass. To do this, employees should email a copy of the document to or bring a copy to the Human Resources Office in Elston Hall, Room 511.

NOTE: All copies received will be kept in a secure file separate from the Personnel Record.

Physical Spaces

It is possible that your work station and office have been reconfigured in adherence with social distancing protocols. Plexiglas shields and other barriers have been installed in critical locations to provide further protection.

A large number of custom graphics have been installed around campus to aid in social distancing, to clearly mark entry and exit points, to limit foot traffic to a single direction in certain corridors, and to give various other directives based on these new protocols.

Work Stations

Employees are responsible for daily disinfecting of all touch surfaces such as computer keyboards, door handles, light switches and desk surfaces.

If you require disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer for your work station, please send a request to Anthony Schwartz, Director of Facilities at and include your building/room number. 


Refusal to adhere to masking requirements will result in a denial of access to campus buildings and be directed to leave the premises immediately. Employees who refuse to comply with these safety measures will be required to charge vacation or personal leave accruals or be in “leave without pay” status due to their absence from the workplace. The use of sick days for this purpose will not be allowed. Employees who refuse to comply with these safety measures will be subject to disciplinary measures.