Business Administration (A.A.S.)

The Business Administration A.A.S. program prepares students for employment in an entry-level management position. Course work fosters practical workforce skills and business ethical principles and practices.

Students interested in the Business Administration A.A.S. can also apply for the Walt Disney Program.

The program prepares graduates to:

Goal I: Demonstrate a proficiency in workforce skills.

  • Communicate within professional and academic environments, both orally and in writing, using the appropriate English conventions
  • Analyze business transactions and identify basic accounting principles
  • Identify and utilize appropriate technologies and software
  • Locate and evaluate information from a variety of print and electronic resources
  • Analyze and present statistical data in a variety of formats

Goal II: Demonstrate a commitment to business ethics.

  • Identify the framework and concepts of legal and ethical business practice
  • Examine ethical issues as they pertain to the business environment

Goal III: Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental business practices.

  • Examine the theories and structures of economic markets
  • Identify the essential elements of planning and analyze their impact on producing outcomes
  • Define the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in terms of mission, structure, profitability and sustainability
  • Identify various cultural perspectives as they apply to business applications
  • Examine the effects of the global market on the contemporary world