Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)/Access

On behalf of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Schenectady County Community College (SCCC). We are delighted that you are continuing to pursue your educational journey at SCCC. The EOP provides direct services that will enhance your academic, personal, social, and student life at SCCC and beyond. We are committed to providing you with services necessary for you to achieve and attain your academic success, and our goal and commitment is to support you through college completion by providing you with academic advisement, personal and social guidance, and advocacy supportive services. 

It is our hope that being a part of the SCCC community and EOP family that you are encouraged to be an active participant in your educational journey and academic success. Again we welcome you and we are here to support your success.

To download the application for EOP, please click here.

Angela West-Davis

Angela A. West-Davis
(518) 381-1279