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Smart Transfer Admissions

Program Eligibility

  • Have an academic average of 75% to 90%
  • Are enrolled in advanced coursework in 8th grade and are eligible to take Regents exam in June (i.e. Algebra, Biology, Art, Language)
  • Will earn two or more advanced credits by the end of 8th grade
  • Demonstrate the desire to work toward obtaining college credits and/or a college degree

Prioritized are students who:

  • Belong to a population who have historically not had access to or success in higher education (English Language Learner students, students with disabilities, and first generation college students)
  • Have financial constraints and burdens (i.e. family is eligible to receive free and reduced lunches, cannot fund college attendance without tuition assistance)


  • Up to 64 rising 9th graders are selected each year

Program Requirements

  • Students follow a predetermined course sequence with high school and college -level coursework blended into a single Academic Pathway
    (Junior and Senior Year is spent at SUNY Schenectady)
  • Students will earn 60 college credits/Associate's degree by the time of high school graduation that can be transfered to a 4 year college

Curriculum/Course Selection/Credits Accumulation

  • Students select individual courses that earn them dual credit (high school and college credit simultaneously)
  • Students earn a minimum of 24 college credits during summers and college in the high school crouses (CHS) at SHS
  • Students may take courses in core and elective subject areas

How to Apply

For consideration, students must complete and/or submit the following:

  • Application
  • Admissions essay
  • Recommendations
  • Parental consent
  • Student interview

Questions can be emailed to