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Chocolate Mousse Cake

Yield: 1 - 9" or 10" cake

Chocolate Genoise


Eggs 6

Sugar 170g

AP Flour 100g

Cocoa Powder 42g

Baking Soda ¼ tsp.

Butter, melted 56g

Vanilla 14g


  1. Read the entire recipe. Then set a deck oven for 350º F and grease and flour your cake pans.
  2. Combine the whole eggs and sugar (see note below) in the bowl of the electric mixer and heat over simmering water. Stir constantly until it is bath water temperature (~110 Fº).
  3. Put the bowl on the electric mixer and whip the egg-sugar mixture to the ribbon stage. (The eggs should be pale, cool, and approximately tripled in volume.)
  4. Sift together the flour, cocoa, and baking soda and slowly sift this mixture over the top of the whipped eggs while folding in with a plastic spatula.
  5. Stir a small amount of the cake batter into the melted butter and the vanilla. Then fold this into the remaining cake batter.
  6. Fill the cake pans 2/3 full and bake at 350ºF until done (about 25 minutes). The center of the cake will feel springy when done and the cake will begin to separate from the pan around the edges.
  7. Cool the cake in the pan for five minutes, then unmold onto a wire rack and cool completely.

Important note: When combining eggs and sugar, you must stir them immediately. If you do not, the sugar will “burn” the yolks, forming a dry yellow skin that will not dissolve later.


Chocolate mousse (for cake filling)
to fill 1-8" ring mold

226g unsalted butter; cut into small bits and soften

113g semi-sweet chocolate, melted

10g (2 Tbs) cocoa

28g hot coffee

113g pasteurized egg whites

113g sugar

Combine the cocoa and hot coffee. Cream the butter until smooth and then add the chocolate and the cocoa mixture, set aside. Warm the sugar and the egg whites in a double boiler; then whip until stiff. Fold the whites into the chocolate mixture.

Slice a 9" chocolate genoise into 3 layers. Use the 8" metal ring mold like a cookie cutter to trim the cake to the proper size. Flavor 113g of simple syrup with 28g of rum. Place the first cake layer in the ring mold and brush with the flavored syrup. Spread on 1/3 of the chocolate mousse. Repeat with the second and third layers. Make sure the last layer of mousse is very smooth because this will be the top of your cake. Chill for 4 hours or more before unmolding. Unmold by wrapping in a hot towel and lifting the ring off or alternately using a blow torch. Measure a strip of vinyl floor mat just large enough to encircle the cake. Spread this with melted dark compound coating and wrap it around the cake. Chill briefly and then peel off the vinyl. Score into 8 portions, pipe a rosette on the outer part of each portion, and pipe enough chocolate filigrees to place one in each slice.