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Hospitality and Tourism Courses

TAT 121 (3-0-3)

Introduction to the Hospitality

This course introduces students to the basic principles of the hospitality and tourism industry. The course explores economic, social, and cultural impact of the industry on the global marketplace. Emphasis is placed on the components of the hospitality and tourism industry and their interdependence.

TAT 140 (3-0-3)

Event Management

This course explores the logistics involved in event planning. Scope and size of events will be examined in detail. Topics include concept, design, feasibility, marketing, financial management, risk management, staging, staffing, leadership, ethics, safety and security, and careers in this area of the hospitality industry.
Spring only

TAT 231 (0-9-3)

Hospitality & Tourism Management Internship

This course provides students with the opportunity for concentrated study, observation, and work in the area of individual interest in the field of Hospitality and Tourism Management. An instructor-approved internship is required. The internship allows students to combine classroom theory and real-world industry experience while exploring potential career paths. The course requires completion of 135 hours of fieldwork. Grading is on a pass/fail basis.  
PR: Hospitality & Tourism Management major, completion of TAT 121, completion of 30 credit hours, minimum overall G.P.A. 2.0, and permission of Division.