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Supply Chain Management Courses

SCM 121  (3-0-3)

Principles of Operations Management

This course introduces students how to deliver the right product/service to the right customer at the right time, right location, and the right price. This course provides the fundamental concepts and principles needed to succeed in manufacturing and/or service operations. Topics covered include productivity, project management, forecasting, managing quality, location and layout planning, supply-chain, inventory management, optimization, queuing, and simulation.

SCM 145  (3-0-3)

Inventory Control and Warehouse Management

This course introduces the importance of effective inventory control and warehousing operations as a potential major source of competitive advantage to an organization. Topics include the basics of production planning and control, forecasting, the fundamentals of inventory management, the physical inventory and warehouse management functions, effective distribution systems, and how operating planning and control systems relate to just-in-time and lean production.  

SCM 221 

Transportation Management

This course explores the role of transportation as a critical link in global supply chain management. Topics covered include an examination of the external forces impacting supply chain management, the various modes of transportation and their current operations, and the various critical transportation management issues and challenges facing today’s supply chain managers.  

SCM 225  (3-0-3)

Purchasing and Logistics Management

This course introduces the role of purchasing and procurement in supply chain management. Topics include building supplier relationships, sourcing, price theory, procurement, production, quality assurance, inventory, warehousing, logistics and customer relations. In addition, the course introduces standard policies and operating procedures, negotiation techniques, planning organization and the legal aspects of purchasing. The ethical conduct associated with purchasing and procurement functions is 
also studied.  

SCM 231  (3-0-3)

Global Supply Chain Management

This course introduces the dynamic nature of supply chain management (SCM) for global products and services. Topics covered include developing and executing global sourcing strategies, the primary process flows of SCM, how/why superior customer service depends on high quality products, processes and services. Other topics include integrated replenishment, inventory management techniques, lean logistics, performance measurements, information management and integrated e-commerce technology deployed in a highly competitive global market.   

SCM 240  (3-0-3)

Fundamentals of International Business

This course introduces the student to the concepts that are important to global managers who are actively exporting or importing goods or are otherwise involved in international trade operations. Topics include documentation, terms of payment, terms of trade, exchange rates, exposure, international insurance, customs clearance, agency and distributorship sales contracts, packaging transportation and security issues. 
PR: MGT 135 International Business