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Nanoscale Materials Technology Courses

NMT 150 (3-0-3)

Introduction to Materials Science

This course is a general introduction to the study of materials: metals, ceramics, polymers, and electronic materials. This course investigates the relationship between bonding, structure (crystals and microstructure) and properties of these materials. The course examines elementary principles of thermodynamics as they apply to materials, mechanical properties of materials, and the electronic, optical and magnetic properties of materials.

NMT 152 (3-0-3)

Introduction to Nanoscale Materials

This course introduces students to the field of nanoscale materials. Nanoscale materials have chemical and physical properties that are significantly different from those of bulk materials. This course examines the underlying principles of the resulting size-dependent properties and the processing and fabrication of these materials at the molecular level. This course will cover the synthesis and assembly of nanoscale materials based on top-down and bottom-up approaches. The applications of nanodevices made from nanoscale materials will also be discussed. 
PR: NMT 150 
PR/CR: MAT 118, MAT 154 or higher 
Spring only

NMT 225 (3-3-4)

Introduction to Vacuum Science and Technology

This hands-on laboratory course will provide an introduction to vacuum equipment and instrumentation and will consist of three major parts: 1) the basics of various pumps, including rotary pumps, dry pumps, turbo-molecular pumps, and cryogenic pumps; 2) the physical and chemical principles under- lying the design and use of high vacuums; and 3) vacuum measurements, leak detection, calibration and standards, and safety issues related to vacuum equipment. 
PR: NMT 152 

NMT 252 (0-4-2)

Integrated Nanotechnology Laboratory

This laboratory course is designed as the second of a two-semester sequence in the field of Nanoscale Materials. It focuses on advanced laboratory training to demonstrate the principles of Nanoscale materials technology. This laboratory will promote hands-on synthesis of Nanoscale materials as well as use of characterization techniques, including microscopy and spectroscopy. Topics will include self-assembly, lithography, quantum dots, fullerenes, and functional nanomaterials. 
PR: NMT 152 and CHM 121. CHM 121 can be taken concurrently. 
Fall only

NMT 254 (3-0-3)

Introduction to Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

This course introduces students to the integrated circuit (IC) chip manufacturing processes in semiconductor fabrication. It focuses on the newest IC fabrication technologies and describes the older technologies to provide a better understanding of the historical development. The processes studied in this course are similar to those in real fabrications, especially in process troubleshooting and hardware relations. 
PR: NMT 152


NMT 280 (3-3-4)

Introduction to Thin Film Deposition and Quality Control

This hand-on laboratory course will introduce thin film deposition processes, measurements, and controls in a high- tech manufacturing environment. Advanced applications such as superconductor and semiconductor processes will be used to illustrate fundamentals of thin film deposition processes. Physical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition will be compared and contrasted. Key measurements in thin film deposition processes and properties, both during and after deposition, will be illustrated. Process and quality controls in manufacturing will be discussed. 
PR: NMT 152 
CR: NMT 225 
Spring only