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Health Care Information Courses

HIM 110 (3-0-3)

Introduction to Healthcare Information Systems

This course provides students with an introduction to the significant changes and trends in the Health Information Management profession. The course covers healthcare information systems, career paths within the profession, and clinical data management.

HIM 112 (3-0-3)

Electronic Healthcare Delivery

This course introduces students to an integrated approach to Practice Management and the Electronic Health Record (EHR). The course provides practical experience using simulated clinical activities provided by Medisoft Clinical Applications software. 
CR: HIM 110

HIM 201 (3-0-3)

Healthcare Billing and Reimbursement

This course introduces students to the various healthcare reimbursement systems, reimbursement methodologies and payment processes. The relationship between coding systems, insurance claims and reimbursement is emphasized. Managing the billing cycle and resolving issues with insurance claims are covered. 
Spring only 
PR: HIM 112

HIM 202 (3-2-4)

Current Procedures in Terminology

This course introduces students to physician services coding, billing and data quality procedures. Students will learn to read, interpret and code physician office documentation. Special emphasis is placed on assigning Evaluation and Management (E/M) codes, outpatient diagnostic coding guidelines, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), and Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes. 
Spring only 
PR: HEA 100, HIM 110, and HIM 112 
CR: HIM 201, HIM 203

HIM 203 (3-2-4)

ICD Coding Systems and Lab

This course introduces students to disease and operation classification using the International Classification of Disease, (ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM). The course covers diagnosis-related groups and their relationship to coding, the historical development of the International Classification of Disease, and various nomenclature and classification systems. The course will require students to differentiate between the various abstracting methods used to collect patient data. 
Spring only 
PR: HEA 100, HIM 110 and HIM 112 
CR: HIM 201, HIM 202

HIM 204 (1-8-3)

Professional Internship Experience

This course is a supervised clinical practice experience in a healthcare setting. The course provides students with experience performing the coding of patient health records including application of coding systems and the use of coding software. A minimum of 96 hours in the clinical experience, which may be scheduled over a six to 12 week period, as determined by the placement site, is required. Attendance at a weekly seminar that offers professional development activities and involves the use of internship software to prepare for career entry is also required. 
Summer only
PR: HEA 100, HEA 101, HIM 110, HIM 112, HIM 201, HIM 202 and 
HIM 203