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CHS Application Process

Students in the SUNY Schenectady College in the High School program are taught at the high school by qualified high school teachers who are accepted as CHS adjunct faculty at SUNY Schenectady County Community College.


We offer courses within all of our divisions at the college. All courses must be part of normal SUNY Schenectady offerings. Take a look at the College Catalog. Any of these courses can be considered for inclusion at high schools.


Students are able to earn college credits which are generally transferable to other SUNY colleges and many private colleges. This allows students a jump start on their college career and could potentially reduce their costs of attending college as well as their time to completion. In addition, students are able to experience the rigor of college classes, resulting in better preparation for their first semester on a college campus. Students who attend SUNY Schenectady upon high school graduation can be well on their way to a college degree.

Approval Process

To enter the program, both the instructor and the course must be approved. Instructors must have at least one year of full-time (not just student teaching) experience teaching in the subject area and a master's degree. SUNY Schenectady strongly prefers, and in some cases, requires, that the master's degree be in the subject area taught. For other courses, SUNY Schenectady may accept a master's degree in education or a related area if at least 18 credits of graduate level credits in the subject area have been earned. In some instances, significant professional experience in the field can be considered. Applicants must have a reputation for excellent, effective teaching.

Applicants also need to submit detailed information about how the course will be taught at the high school, based on the SUNY Schenectady course outline. Instructors are not allowed to teach more than five CHS and/or on-campus courses in a year.

For an application packet with full details about the program and the application process, contact Lauren Gallo at or 518-381-1315.

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