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Electric Harmony


Though they recorded in separate places using their smart phones or laptops, the voices of Electric Harmony (SUNY Schenectady’s a cappella club) joined together perfectly for their version of Down 'n the Valley and Pray.

How it worked: Music students and alumni worked virtually to create this project. First, the score was copied into a music writing software, from which several different audio tracks were created where each particular voice was dominant. A “click track” was added to make sure each singer kept the same tempo so that when all the parts were combined the final audio version would be in sync. While listening to the audio track on one device, the vocalists sang and recorded onto another device. The student vocalists submitted their audio and video recordings online much like they would submit an assignment.

Henry Zelenak, Music Audio Technology major and a pianist, then downloaded the submissions to his computer and got to work combining, mixing, and balancing all the vocal recordings to create one master track. Areli Mendoza-Pannone, who just completed her degree in  Performing Arts: Music, synched and edited all the video submissions to the audio master track to create the final music video production.

The performers in order of appearance are:

Bobby Frazier ’19, bass, attending SUNY Purchase

Burke Herrick ’18, tenor, recent graduate of SUNY Oneonta

Henry Zelenak, tenor, Music Audio Technology

Melissa Deal, alto, Culinary Arts

Bia Bouabboune, alto, Liberal Arts

Areli Mendoza-Pannone, ’19, soprano, attending SUNY Purchase this fall

Andrew Kolarcik, tenor, Performing Arts

Logan O’Neil, tenor, Performing Arts