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What are you looking forward to this semester?


From a Jane Austen literature class and cooking in our Culinary Labs, to performing with the Guitar Ensemble and graduating in May, students share what they are excited about this semester!

Alesa Johnson sitting at table in cafeteria, smiling

Alesa Johnson, Medical Coding and Billing

What are you looking forward to this semester?
Graduating with my son Aveyon Hundley who is majoring in Business Administration. My other son Orlondo graduated from SUNY Schenectady and so did my daughter Ke-Myra. With two graduates in the family and one who is here now, this school is good luck. Now, I want to walk that stage. I don’t want to be the one cheering, I want to be the one cheered for.

Career Goal: I want to help patients with bills, counseling, anything that’s hands-on, so I can help them and their families.

Students Sasha and Mark sitting at table in Learning Commons

Mark Lupe, Programming for Game Development

What are you looking forward to this semester?
Meeting new people and having new experiences. I’m looking forward to my Data Structures and Systems Analysis and Design classes to learn coding and how systems operate and more about them.

Career Goal: I’m hoping to eventually build up my portfolio to apply to a game development company.

Sasha Chattergoon, Liberal Arts: Psychology

What are you looking forward to about this semester?
Meeting new people. I’m glad to be in TRIO this semester and I’m looking forward to my Major Genres and Authors: Jane Austen class.

Career Goal: To get my Ph.D. in Psychology. I want to start a foundation for people with all kinds of disabilities.

Floyd  Slater sitting at computer desk in classroom

Floyd Slater, Business Administration

What are you looking forward to this semester?
Making new friends and getting the whole college experience. I’m also looking forward to learning new things about business that I might not know already.

Career Goal: I want to own a casino.

Ngambela  Zulu in chef's uniform standing in Culinary Arts Lab

Ngambela Zulu, Culinary Arts 

What are you looking forward to this semester?
The most important thing is learning new things. Also, I’m on the Hot Food Competition Team this spring so I’m looking forward to what me and my friends can bring to the competition. Also, I’m taking Quantitative Foods this semester which will increase my understanding in terms of catering for large volumes of people.  

Career Goal: To open my own restaurant and have an academic part to it where I teach my staff and others and present those skills to the community.  

Layla Burkhouse seated in music practice room, playing electric guitar

Layla Burkhouse, Performing Arts: Music

What are you looking forward to this semester?
I’m looking forward to continuing in the Music degree program. I like how far I came last semester and I’m really looking forward to how far it’s going to take me. I really enjoy Guitar Ensemble.

Career Goal: I’m looking to become a Music Teacher for either K-12 or toddlers.