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Schenectady College and Career Outreach Center Participants Benefit From New Instant Admission Agreement

New SCCOC agreement signing

Laura Sprague, Director of Admissions, SUNY Schenectady; Dr. DeShawn McGarrity, Executive Director of the Schenectady College and Career Outreach Center (SCCOC); and Tiombe Farley, Director of the Educational Opportunity Program, SUNY Schenectady


The Schenectady College and Career Outreach Center (SCCOC) and the SUNY Schenectady Office of Admissions and Educational Opportunity Program have collaborated on an agreement to launch an instant admissions program for SCCOC participants. The SCCOC prepares academically and economically disadvantaged residents in the Capital District ages 16 and over for further educational, training, and employment opportunities. It is funded by the State University of New York (SUNY) University Center for Academic and Workforce Development and administered by SUNY Schenectady.

SCCOC participants will concurrently enroll for services at the Outreach Center and apply to SUNY Schenectady using the SCCOC admission application to include SUNY Schenectady admission questions as a supplement to the SCCOC admission application. The collaboration and partnership offers instant admission to first time, full-time eligible (12 credits) SCCOC participants. SCCOC participants enroll into SUNY Schenectady within one year of their acceptance.

Dr. DeShawn McGarrity, Executive Director of the SCCOC, hosted a virtual signing of the agreement last week with Dr. Steady Moono, College President; Lisa Jackson, Associate Provost and Director of the SUNY University Center for Academic and Workforce Development (UCAWD); Laura Sprague, SUNY Schenectady Director of Admissions; and Tiombe Farley, SUNY Schenectady Director of EOP.

Dr. McGarrity described how the new agreement will have a profound impact on those who utilize the services provided by the SCCOC.

“The instant admission collaboration between the Schenectady College and Career Outreach Center, SUNY Schenectady’s Office of Admission, and SUNY Schenectady’s Educational Opportunity Program is a game-changer and a mitigation barrier to college access for the Outreach Center’s target population—our community residents,” she said. “Outreach Center participants can currently enroll for our education, career preparatory, and referral services and apply for admission to SUNY Schenectady using one application with the process starting at the Outreach Center. I am thrilled to include this as one of our Center’s services and I am confident that this collaboration will generate SUNY Schenectady graduates for years to come.”

Laura Sprague noted how the agreement increases access for SCCOC participants.

“SCCOC has always been a wonderful partner and feeder into SUNY Schenectady’s degree and certificate programs,” she said. “This agreement takes college access to the next level by providing SCCOC participants acceptance to SUNY Schenectady without needing to complete additional forms or applications. We have eliminated a barrier for our community members and we hope many will take advantage of this opportunity to enroll.”

Tiombe Farley added that students will have access to strong support services also.

“It is an honor and a privilege to work with both DeShawn and Laura on this amazing initiative” she said. “I'm excited for the opportunity to provide students with direct access to not only the SUNY Schenectady campus but to student access programs such as EOP. I look forward to our continued partnership in supporting students to meet their academic goals and achievements.”

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