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“I Started at SUNY Schenectady!” Five Questions with Communications Professional Lashay Broomer, Class of 2023

Lashay Broomer headshot, smiling, with pink background


From making collages of photos in fashion magazines when she was a teenager and dreaming of a career in advertising, to creating her own fashion blog, working in the Communications Department at a statewide education association, and running her own web/social media management company, Lashay Broomer, who graduated with her degree in Liberal Arts: Communications, is a communications professional on the rise.

Take us through some of the projects you’re working on as a Communications Coordinator for the School Administrations Association of New York State (SAANYS).

"Well, I’m in charge of all communications and correspondences, along with two other staff members. So, I am sending email marketing messages out to our members: about 16,000 public school principals, assistant principals, directors, coordinators and service leaders in public schools in 12 regions throughout New York State. For example, we recently had two professional development events about AI, so I created a flyer and emailed it to all of our members so that they knew about it. I love promoting opportunities like that one to our members. I also update our website and I create a newsletter that I send to our members every Friday. I collaborate with my manager on the newsletter and am always learning from our educators and administrators about what’s going on in their schools so that I can include things that will be helpful to them. I also post on our Twitter page."

Lashay Broomer sitting in her office, working on her laptop

Lashay Broomer ’23 creates a newsletter that will be sent to more than 16,000 educators as part of her role as a Communications Coordinator for the School Administrators Association of New York State.

You seem to never stop moving. In addition to your full-time job, you also have your own business and you’re pursuing your bachelor’s degree. Tell us more.

"I just am not someone who likes to sit still. In addition to my job at SAANYS, I am also a web designer and handle social media management through my company, LN Creative. I specialize in service-based businesses like local cafes, therapists, or life coaches. I launched my business in September 2023 which was really exciting. I brainstormed for two years. I joined FB groups and met friends online where we talk about business and inspirational things. I took courses about social media and marketing, after brainstorming for two years. I started out as a YouTuber and created a fashion blog and vlog. I wanted to focus on something different and got into business, marketing, and branding. I am also earning my bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing at SUNY Oswego, taking all of my courses online. SUNY Schenectady definitely sped up the process because all of my associate degree courses transferred in for my bachelor’s degree." 

How did you become interested in communications and branding?

"Well, I like to talk. (laughs) Communicating has always been my thing. I love connecting with people. I used to make collages from fashion magazines when I was young and I wanted to work in advertising for fashion magazines. It was always my goal to work in communication and advertising, but first I went to school for paralegal and then switched to the Liberal Arts: Communications Concentration, going to SUNY Schenectady part time. I was working in call centers, as a bank teller, and in customer service. Customer Service and communications go hand in hand, so it all prepared me for my Communications classes at SUNY Schenectady and SUNY Oswego, and for the Communications field."

Lashay Broomer, smiling, standing outside, blue sky in the background

What were some of the things you learned in your Communications concentration at SUNY Schenectady that you rely on in your career?

"I have to say that my Public Speaking class with Professor Doyle was my favorite. I talk fast and that class helped me to slow down, which is helpful for me in my professional life. When I communicate with different departments and our members, I am meticulous in what I send because of my Communications classes. Also, in my Visual Communication course, I learned to make my writing concise. I think about that when I’m writing my marketing emails and newsletters."

How do you stay on top of the constant changes in social media and marketing?

"I definitely subscribe to a lot of newsletters and I follow many Instagram pages for companies or individuals who specialize in marketing and branding. I learn a lot by reading newsletters and I take courses through social media and online."