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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Why We Need To Talk About It

College podcast participants

Alexandre Lumbala, Dr. Babette Faehmel, Wesley Rush, Maura Davis, and (not pictured) Lonny Davenport, lend their voices to the latest episode of the College’s podcast.


The latest episode of Many Voices, One Call, the College’s podcast, is a follow-up to an earlier episode, “Artificial Intelligence (AI): Why we need to talk about it!" As it turns out, we still need to talk about "it.” Please join hosts Dr. Babette Faehmel and Alexandre Lumbala to learn more about what students think and feel about this new presence (Artificial Intelligence) in all of our lives, about academically empowering versus self-sabotaging uses of chatbots, and the role all of us can play in protecting ourselves and our communities from the risks and inherent biases of AI.

Featured during the conversation are TRIO Academic Specialist Maura Davis, and students Lonny Davenport, Liberal Arts: Communication Concentration major, and Wesley Rush, Business Administration major.

Kirk Winans, who teaches the course “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” at Hudson Valley Community College, provides a guest commentary.