Course Descriptions - Teacher Education

TET221 Foundations of Education (3-0-3)

The course introduces the historical, sociological, and philosophical aspects of the American education system. It emphasizes the school's role and its responsibility to create productive members of society by meeting the needs of all learners. This course provides an understanding of the structure and mission of present-day school and of laws and education mandates. It provides students with an awareness of culturally responsive teaching practices that support learning styles, gender, sexual orientation, culture, and socio-economic status. Students will spend a minimum of ten field experience hours in an educational setting. F, S

TET252 Pre-professional Seminar (1-0-1)

This capstone Seminar is intended for TET majors who are about to graduate and transfer to senior institutions. Observations and course work are used to review and analyze knowledge and skills that have been acquired throughout coursework. Opportunities are provided for students to acquire additional supervised observation hours. A pre-professional protfolio serves as a summative experience.

PR: Permission of the division Spring only

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