Course Descriptions - Mechatronics

MEC101 Mechanical Systems (3-3-4)

This course covers the basic mechanical components in a complex mechatronics system. Topics include basic functions and physical properties of mechanical components and the role they play in the system such as: materials, surface properties, and lubrication requirements. Mechanical component safety, system preventative maintenance, and techniques and strategies used to identify, pinpoint and correct malfunctions are discussed. Technical documentation such as data sheets and specifications of mechanical elements are also covered. Fall only PR/CR: MAT 118

MEC103 Electrical Systems (3-3-4)

This course covers the basic electrical components in a mechatronic system. Lecture and laboratory topics include electrical safety, basic functions and physical properties of electrical components, troubleshooting techniques, systemic preventative maintenance, and strategies to identify, localize and correct malfuntions. Technical documentation such as data sheets, schematics, timing diagrams, and system specifications are discussed and analyzed. Fall only PR/CR: MAT 118

MEC105 Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems (2-3-3)

This course covers fluid power technology using fluids or compressed air as the transfer media. Complete hydraulic and pneumatic systems are studied including power sources, reservoirs, pumps, compressors, lines, valves and actuators. Topics include preventative maintenance, safety issues, and troubleshooting strategies to identify, localize, and correct malfunctions. Fall only PR/CR: MAT 118

MEC111 Programmable Logic Control Sys (2-3-3)

This course provides the fundamental operations of a programmable logic controller (PLC). Hands-on instruction and industrial applications of PLCs include relay ladder logic control, study of automated manufactiring, and the functions of PLCs in an industrial environment. Topics include components of a PLC, memory organization, discrete I/O, numbering systems, logic gates, Boolean algebra, relay ladder logic, times, counters, word level logic, and troubleshooting. Spring only

PR: MAT 118 and MEC 103

MEC113 Modern Industrial Practices (3-0-3)

This course covers industry safety, production basics, lean manufacturing, preventive maintenance and part/system specific maintenance. Topics include methods used to determine and measure quality in industrial practices. Spring only

PR: MAT 118

MEC115 Mechatronics Systems (1-4-3)

This course provides hands-on experience in control, maintenance, and simulation of an actual mechatronics system. Students work together in a team environment learning a broad array of job-related troubleshooting skills in integrated technologies. Topics include system level programming and troubleshooting, applications and calibration of half-effect sensors, photoelectric sensors, vacuum grippers, pneumatic robots, material feeding system, magnetic sensors, magnetic reed switches, limit switches, inductive sensor, capacitive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, synchronous belt drive, ball screw drives, part rejection/transfer, stepper motors, homing sensors, GMR sensors, pneumatic screw feeders, pick and place assembly, gravity feeders, servo robotics, and parts transfer. Spring only

PR: MEC 101 and MEC 103 CR: MEC 111

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