Course Descriptions - English & Literature

ENG095 College Writing Workshop (2-0-2)

This course provides students with additional academic instruction and learning strategies to successfully achieve ENG 123 College Composition student learning outcomes. It individualizes grammar instruction, and assignments are directly aligned with those in ENG 123. Additionally, the course supports the students' development of a writing portfolio as a tool to enhance the writing process. CR: ENG 123

ENG123 College Composition (3-0-3)

This course provides a foundation in academic discourse by developing effective communication skills with an emphasis on expository writing; an oral presentation is required.

PR: Exemption from placement testing as defined by the Academic Code or successful completion of CSS 127

ENG124 Literature & Writing (3-0-3)

This course encourages students to use writing to explore the ways in which literature functions as an art form. Writing and research techniques introduced in ENG 123 College Composition are strengthened and refined.

PR: ENG 123

ENG125 College Composition II (3-0-3)

This course builds upon the written and oral rhetorical skills established in ENG 123 with a greater emphasis on argumentation and research in academic writing.

PR: ENG 123 or HON 123

ENG200 Introduction to Creative Writing (3-0-3)

Students will learn the essential principles, strategies, and methods of creative writing and will acquire a foundation in the skills necessary to master this art. The emphasis will be on the writing of short fiction, but opportunities will be provided to explore poetry, drama, screenwriting, the novel, and the essay. Students will also learn how to go about getting their work published.

PR: ENG 123 CR: ENG 124

ENG205 Writing Poetry (3-0-3)

This course focuses on developing students' abilities to write, revise, and analyze poetry. It is primarily conducted as a workshop: students write and revise their own poetry, as well as give oral feedback and produce written critiques of their peers' poems. In addition, the course introduces students to a variety of poetic forms and asks them to write poetry in these forms. It also introduces them to theories of free verse and to studies of the poetic line and asks them to write their own free verse. The course also includes an oral component: students practice reading their own and others' poems to the class. Last, the class introduces students to opportunities for performing and publishing their poetry.

PR: ENG 123

ENG211 Technical and Professional Writing (3-0-3)

This course applies the principles of effective writing to the specific forms of professional and technical writing. It emphasizes designing texts and oral reports for professional audiences after analyzing the needs and values of those audiences.

PR: ENG 123 College Composition

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