Course Descriptions - Casino Gaming Mgt

CGM101 Intro to the Gaming Industry (3-0-3)

This course provides an overview of the historical background of gaming, including Native American gaming, and the progression of the casino from its early origin to today's modern casinos. It focuses on the various segments of the casino industry including the organizational structure of a casino. This course explores Class II and III licenses and the role that differing state and federal laws and regulations play in the operation of gaming establishments, hotels, and resort destinations. Fall only

CGM102 Casino Gaming Operations (3-0-3)

This course presents an overview of the various games offered at a standard casino. It provides an analysis of the organizational structure of the games department, the various games offered and the importance of each game as related to overall gaming operations in a casino. Topics covered include table games, slot management, internet gaming, sports book operations, keno, and race operations. Also covered are cage operations, casino accounting, and terminology used in the industry. Spring only

CGM103 Gaming Regulatory Laws and Regulations (3-0-3)

This course examines the differing state and federal laws and regulations related to the gaming industry and the role these laws and regulations play in the operations of casinos, hotels, and resort destinations. The application of these state and federal laws and regulations to Native American tribal operations is studied. The course covers information on the development and implementation of a system of internal controls, policies and procedures that will ensure compliance with these laws. A review of the social, political and environmental impacts of gaming on local, regional, and national jurisdictions, as well as licensing requirements and processes for management, employees and vendors, is included. Fall only

CGM104 Non-Casino Gaming Operations (3-0-3)

This course covers hotel operations within a casino environment, the information systems that drive the organization and ancillary departments to include retail, transportation, entertainment and property operations. It presents an examination of the management and operation of the human resource function, the role of the food and beverage division within the context of a casino operation, and the role of the marketing and guest services department as it influences the casino environment. Each department will be studied in relationship to its structure, planning process, daily operations, budgetary impacts, and management challenges. Fall only

CGM105 Casino Security & Surveillance (3-0-3)

This course acquaints students with the various types of security measures used in the casino industry to help protect the casino from loss and maintain the integrity of the games. Topics include the most commonly used scams and cheating methods for each game. The course also covers camera operations, security surveillance, internal theft and fraud, and investigations. Spring only

CGM106 Integ Resort Mgt & Operations (3-0-3)

This course covers the dynamic study of integrated resort management and operations. Students will study resort operations as a function of the casino environment, the information systems that drive the organization, and individual departments to include lodging, retail, transportation, entertainment, food and beverage, meetings and conventions, and property operations.

CGM250 Internship (3-0-3)

This course provides students with the opportunity for concentrated study, observation and work in the area of individual interest in the field of Casino and Gaming Management. An instructor-approved internship is required. This practical experience will better prepare students to nter a career in Casino and Gaming Management.

PR: CGM 101 and CGM 102

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