14 June 2019

Students Take Summer Classes to Get Ahead for Fall

Summer @ SUNY Schenectady is a great way to catch up on credits or get ahead for fall. We asked some students about their goals for this summer. 

Photo of female students, Bhuman Mangar and Rouguiatou Diallo

Bhumani Mangar (right in photo above) is taking a Spanish class for a foreign language credit as she applies for a bachelor’s degree program in nutrition or nursing. She already graduated from SUNY Schenectady with her certificate in Health Studies. She’s been working as a Unit Support Technician at Ellis Hospital for three and a half years. “Taking this summer class has been a great way to earn the credits I need for a foreign language as I go on for my bachelor’s degree.”

Rouguiatou Diallo (left in photo above) is taking a Spanish class as she prepares to enter a program for nursing. She’s been working in the health care field for 15 years and wants to be able to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. “I have seen patients who aren’t able to get what they need because there is a communication barrier, so I really want to be able to communicate with everyone and taking Spanish will help me to do that.”

Photo of male students, Alex Chan and Dom Favata 

Alex Chan (right in photo above) and Dom Favata (left in photo above), who both graduated from Niskayuna High School in 2018, are Computer Science majors at RPI. They are taking Biology I here this summer to transfer back as part of their major.   

“This is going to work as a credit for my major which is really helpful,” Alex said.

“Next semester I’ll be able to take courses that are specific to my major since I already will have taken bio,” Dom said. 

Find out about the next summer session, which begins on July 8.


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