6 June 2019

College Partners with Center for Economic Growth and Albany Can Code on New Apprenticeship Program

graphic of software developer job openings by local county, along with job openings for other fields

SUNY Schenectady is part of an innovative partnership with the Center for Economic Growth (CEG) and Albany Can Code, Inc. for the Capital Region’s first software developer apprenticeship program. The new apprenticeship program will help local employers internally recruit workers for hard-to-fill, mid-level talent positions. According to the CEG, there are more annual job openings for software developers and programmers than any other STEM occupation in the Capital Region.

“Apprenticeship is a virtuous cycle for students and employers alike,” said Dr. Steady Moono, SUNY Schenectady President. “In an apprenticeship program, students can apply classroom-based instruction on the job immediately and bring that experience back into the classroom. It sets our students and their employers on a path to success.”

More about the new software developer apprenticeship program.

More about apprenticeship programs in healthcare through the SUNY Schenectady Office of Workforce Development and Community Education. 


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