8 May 2019

SUNY Schenectady and Castleton University Partner on New Transfer Agreement for Music

Photo of music students from SUNY Schenectady and officials from SUNY Schenectady and Castleton University

Mark Barrett and Alyssa Winckler, Performing Arts; Music majors at SUNY Schenectady will be transferring to Castleton University this fall. Shown with them are: Raphael Okutoro, Assistant Director of Admissions, Castleton University; Dr. Jonathan Spiro, Chief Academic Officer, Castleton University; Dr. Sherrill Blodget, Music Department Chair, Castleton University; Dr. Karen Scolforo, President, Castleton University; ; Dr. Steady Moono, President, SUNY Schenectady; Brett Wery, Dean of the School of Music, SUNY Schenectady; and Dr. Penny Haynes, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs/Provost, SUNY Schenectady

Officials from SUNY Schenectady and Castleton University signed an agreement today providing graduates of SUNY Schenectady’s A.S. degree program in Performing Arts: Music transfer to Castleton University for the B.M. degree program in Music Education with Licensure. SUNY Schenectady students who live within a bordering county of Vermont will be awarded the equivalent of Vermont resident tuition per year. Additionally, candidates who earn an associate’s degree from SUNY Schenectady will receive the Transfer Success Scholarship. Other need-based scholarships are available.

Officials from SUNY Schenectady and Castleton University noted that the seamless transfer process is an excellent benefit for students as they continue on for their bachelor’s degrees.

“We are proud to partner with Castleton University on this new transfer agreement for students who are studying in our School of Music,” Dr. Moono said. “They will now have an opportunity to transfer on to Castleton’s excellent Music Education program for their bachelor’s degree on their way to becoming music teachers.”  

We are excited to offer this opportunity to our graduating students in the Performing Arts: Music program,” said Brett Wery, Dean of the School of Music at SUNY Schenectady. “Castleton University has been very generous in accepting our students as juniors. They can transfer 64 credits earned at SUNY Schenectady and have the opportunity for financial assistance as well.”

“Castleton University appreciates the opportunity to partner with SUNY Schenectady on behalf of our mutual students,” said Dr. Karen M. Scolforo, President of Castleton University. “Agreements like these provide access to affordable degrees, opportunities for professional growth, and a greater pool of qualified graduates to meet workforce demands.”


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