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Tips for Different Types of Test Questions

Multiple Choice

  • Answer the question in your head first (before reading the possible answers).
  • Read all possible answers before selecting one.
  • Test each possible answer.
  • Eliminate incorrect answers.

Open-Book Test

  • Organize your notes, readings, and other materials.
  • Write down formulas on a separate sheet of paper.
  • Use sticky notes or paperclips in your textbook to flag important information such as the table of contents and index.
  • Create a table of contents or index for notes taken in class.
  • Predict possible items covered on the test.

Short Answer

  • Concentrate on key words.
  • Be brief.


  • Read the entire question.
  • Look for qualifiers (all, most, sometimes, rarely).
  • Check the details carefully.
  • Watch for negatives.