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Study Strategies

Following is a sampling of study strategies that you can explore on your own (e.g., on the Internet), or discuss with your success coach or tutor. You can learn about many more study strategies from the Student Success Center’s Study Skills Video Series.


Flashcards are a great way to learn or memorize various concepts. Write questions or vocabulary words on one side of a set of index cards, and the answers or definitions on the reverse side. Then test yourself on the questions or words.

You can carry the flashcards with you when you have to take a long bus ride or wait for an appointment, as well as just use them during your regular study time.


Mnemonics are memory devices or techniques that help you retain and retrieve information. There are several types of mnemonics – including but not limited to songs and jingles, acronyms, and expressions. For example, the acronym HOMES – H-O-M-E-S – can help you remember the 5 Great Lakes of North America: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. You may want to explore the various types of mnemonic devices (e.g., via Google and YouTube), and try using some to help you with your studies.

Study Groups

Study Groups are another study strategy that can be especially helpful for social learners. In a study group, you meet with classmates to review material for a test - or you may meet on an ongoing basis. In your study group, you can discuss course topics, compare notes, share extra resources and quiz one another. It has been said that one of the best strategies for mastering a subject is teaching it to someone else. Besides doing this in a study group, another strategy is explaining a topic to someone else, like a family member or a friend.

The one caution with the Study Group strategy is making sure you stay on task! You don’t want your study sessions to devolve into just socializing. Your group can make a plan and commitment to reward yourselves with social time or other treats after the session is over.