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Study Skills Video Series

Study Strategies: A Brief Overview (7 minutes)

This video provides an overview of skills and strategies for effective studying. More detailed information about each strategy is provided in other videos in this series as well as handouts posted on the Student Success Center website. Topics highlighted in this video include: learning styles; critical thinking, higher order thinking & metacognition; note taking; and other strategies, e.g., flashcards, mnemonics and study groups.

Higher Order Thinking & Metacognition: Two Keys to Studying Effectively (7 minutes)

This video describes two levels of thinking that will help you truly engage in and master your studies: Higher Order Thinking and Metacognition. The importance of critical thinking, which employs higher order thinking, is also addressed. In two separate videos, we take a deeper look at how to apply higher order thinking and metacognitive skills to actual study strategies. 

Study Strategies for Each Level of Higher Order Thinking (5 minutes)

This video identifies a range of study strategies and the types of thinking skills involved with each. The study strategies are presented according to the levels of higher order thinking they employ, according to Bloom’s Taxonomy. 

Using Metacognition to Enhance Your Studies (8 minutes)

This video provides strategies for using metacognition – the process of intentionally thinking about your thinking – to help you study more effectively. It provides a series of examples of how to consciously assess your study needs and select the best study strategies to optimize your learning.

Note Taking (7 minutes)

This video reviews some basic strategies for taking notes in class and then explains three strategies for note taking: The Outline Method, Cornell Notes, and Mapping.  These strategies can be used in class as well as while reading or studying.

SQ3R: A Reading and Note Taking Strategy for Textbooks (5 minutes)

This video explains SQ3R, a method for reading textbooks that also involves note taking and helps you create your own study guide for textbook. This method can also be applied to reading articles.