Disability Resources

The Office of ADA Transition Services (i.e., disability resources and services) offers programs and presentations to heighten the awareness of disability issues. Our Office uses a collaborative model to develop accommodations and learning strategies for students with permanent and temporary disabilities. We coordinate resources and create partnerships to foster an inclusive environment that is accessible and welcoming for all.

How to Obtain Academic Accommodations
Students who would like to request academic accommodations should register for disability resources and services with Susanna Adams. Appointments to meet with her can be done via e-mail (adamssj@sunysccc.edu), phone 518-381-1345, or in person (Elson 222). 

When to Register for Disability Resources and Services
Students are encouraged to register for academic accommodations upon admission to SUNY Schenectady. However, sometimes disability-related barriers are not discovered until after coursework has begun. Students should not hesitate to discuss accommodations at any point in time if they begin to realize that accommodations may make their classes more educationally accessible to them.

Disability Documentation
Documentation that students submit may vary depending upon a person's disability. This documentation helps to guide the discussion about accommodations and strategies that can be developed in light of the disability-related barriers that students may face in the educational environment. It is helpful for new high school graduates to provide their IEPs and school psychologists' reports. Other helpful documentation includes medical records relevant to the accommodations requested, a neuropsychological report, a letter from a therapist, a letter from a diagnosing physician, etc. It may also be valuable for students to ask their diagnostic service provider to complete and submit SUNY Schenectady's Disability Certification Packet.

Developing Accommodations
Each student is impacted differently by a disability. Consequently, accommodations are generated by discussion, a review of disability documentation, and a joint venture in creative problem solving. It should be noted that accommodations that were provided at previous schools are not automatically transferred to SUNY Schenectady since guidelines vary from institution to institution.

Campus Physical Accessibility
SUNY Schenectady is committed to providing an accessible campus. The college is actively working to identify barriers to increase the accessibility of our campus. Should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for improving the physical accessibility of our campus, please call 518-381-1345 or email adamssj@sunysccc.edu.

Request an Emergency Evacuation Plan
It is important to be as prepared as possible when an emergency arises on campus. Planning ahead is important for persons with disabilities who may need more time or assistance during an emergency evacuation. It may be important to get input from campus experts when developing your evacuation plan. The Office of ADA Transition Services along with Campus Safety, can assist you with planning for an emergency evacuation from your classrooms and buildings. Please call 518-381-1345 or email adamssj@sunysccc.edu for more information.

Service Animals
SUNY Schenectady welcomes service animals specifically trained to aid individuals with disabilities. For more information about service animals on campus, please see the Service Animal Policy.

Voter Registration Assistance
The Office of ADA Transition Services is recognized as an official voter registration site. The student who would like to register to vote can obtain assistance through this Office or can go directly to the New York state Board of Elections website to obtain information and appropriate voter registration forms.
PDF of voter registration form.