The CARE Team

Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation Team

SUNY Schenectady County Community College's (SUNY Schenectady's) CARE Team is a multidisciplinary behavioral intervention and threat assessment team. Its purpose is to promote the well-being and safety of the campus community by effectively assessing and providing recommendations to address “red-flag” and/or threatening student behaviors.

What are “red flag” behaviors?
"Red flag" behaviors can range from subtle displays of anxiety or distress in students who quietly sit by themselves to obvious outbursts of pain and aggression. The behaviors may appear inappropriate, dysfunctional, odd, or suspicious in the particular circumstances. They suggest issues beyond those faced by the individual who would simply benefit by a good listener or short term counseling. Individuals may demonstrate “red flag” behaviors through their actions, spoken words, written words, demeanor, and/or physical appearance.

Who can make a referral?
A referral can be made by anyone in the SUNY Schenectady campus community, whether faculty, staff, administrator, or student.

How can I be certain that my concern is a CARE Team issue?
If you have observed “red flags” and/or any level of threatening behavior, but are unsure where to refer, it is always appropriate to make the referral to the CARE Team. The Team will meet, assess the situation, address the behavior, or if appropriate, transfer the information to a different resource for follow-up.

How can a referral be made?
Student concerns can be brought to Dr. Ellen Wertlieb,, the Chair of the CARE Team. Her office is located in the Student Affairs Office (Elston 222). In addition, a CARE Team Referral Form can be completed online.

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