Make-up Exam Procedures

Whether you’re a student in need of making up an exam, or a faculty member in need of dropping off an exam, we are here to help!

I missed my test! What do I do?

  1. Contact your instructor to see if you are allowed to make-up the exam.
  2. If you can make-up your test, you will find it here at the Testing Center, Elston 427.
  3. Please bring your SUNY Schenectady student ID card when you come in to take your test.
  4. Your instructor may place an expiration date on your exam, so please make sure you are aware of your deadline(s).


I need to drop off a test for a student...what do I do?

  1. Please complete this Make-Up Testing Request form and e-mail us the exam, or stop by the Testing Center to drop off the exam and form in person.
  2. If we are not open when you come to deliver the exam(s), please slip the exam(s) under the door with the attached form(s).
  3. We will take care of the rest and notify you if/when the student completes their exam.