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TRIO Student Support Services at SUNY Schenectady is a free service that empowers first-generation college students, income-eligible students, and students with disabilities to explore and achieve their academic, career, financial, and personal goals. TRIO staff use a variety of resources, support, advocacy, leadership services, and programming to guide students in successfully navigating their college experience.

The TRIO program offers individual meetings with TRIO staff, information sessions, group workshops, and a community to support you throughout each semester to help you achieve academic success.

Applications for TRIO can be completed online, or in person in Elston Hall 328.

TRIO Application


Who is Eligible for the Program?

Students who are:

  1. Accepted into SUNY Schenectady and currently enrolled for courses or enrolled for the next semester
  2. Have not earned a Bachelor's college degree
  3. Be enrolled in at least 6 credits per semester
  4. Be a US citizen or eligible for federal student financial aid
  5. AND meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Are first generation college students (meaning neither one of their parents or the custodial parent in a single-parent family has earned a Bachelor’s degree by age 18)
    2. Are income qualified (based on federal guidelines of family size versus taxable income - TRIO staff will help you determine this)
    3. Have a documented disability and are registered with ADA Transition Services on campus

TRIO Services

  • Academic support and tutoring
  • Course planning
  • Coaching and guidance
  • Career exploration
    Transfer counseling
  • Assessment of study and learning skills
  • Computer skills guidance
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Financial wellness programming
  • Assistance with FAFSA
  • Help finding scholarships
  • Cultural trips and college tours
  • Self-advocacy programming
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Computer lab with FREE printing
  • Fun, inclusive environment
  • And much more!

TRIO Staff

Headshot of Mary Silvestri

Mary Silvestri
Interim TRIO Director

Douglas MacDonald headshot

Douglas MacDonald
TRIO Academic Specialist

Carolyn Fielder headshot

Carolyn Fielder
TRIO Academic Specialist


SUNY Schenectady TRIO Facts

  • TRIO is a federally funded grant through the US Department of Education
  • TRIO SSS was established in 1968 by the Higher Education Act of 1965
  • The letters in TRIO do not actually stand for anything: It represented the three original programs authorized by the federal government
  • The TRIO program is allowed to serve 175 students per academic year
  • The program has been on campus for over 20 years

A Few Things to Know About Being in TRIO

  • It’s a voluntary program
  • It’s free to be a part of the program

* TRIO is a federally funded, five year grant program through the U.S. Department of Education at SUNY Schenectady, with an annual budget of $335,111 that works with 175 eligible students.