Men's Baseball

Tim Andi, longtime head baseball coach at SUNY Schenectady, passes away

Tim Andi, in his SUNY Schenectady coach's uniform.Tim Andi, the longtime head baseball coach at SUNY Schenectady passed away Sunday morning from a rare auto immune disease. Tim was the head coach at SUNY Schenectady for 25 years, from 1991-2015. During that time he amassed 561 wins, led the Royals to two NJCAA World Series appearances in 1999 and 2002 and was named NJCAA National Coach of the Year after leading the Royals to their second world series appearance in four years in 2002. He was also named Region 3 Coach of the year four times and Mountain Valley Conference Coach of the Year seven times. Coach Andi sent many of his players on to four year colleges including present SUNY Schenectady assistant coach Billy Creighton, who was named an All-American while playing for the Royals. He went on to an outstanding two year career at Division I UNC Ashville. He also had players drafted by the MLB- Phil Klaiber, who sent the Royals to their first world series appearance with a game winning home run was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays. Coach Andi was loved and respected by his players and opponents he came in touch with over those 25 years.

The SUNY Schenectady baseball program is overseen by Head Coach Bill Creighton and Assistant Coach, Billy Creighton (his son). The younger Creighton was an All-American at SUNY Schenectady before playing at Division I UNC Ashville. The two are determined to keep the program where it has been the past 25 years. 

Over that time, the Royals have made two NJCAA World Series appearances, numerous Region III “Final Fours” and won a number of Mountain Valley Conference titles. Also over that time period the Royals have placed numerous players on the All-American, All-Region and All-Conference Teams. A number of players have gone on to play at Division I, II and III institutions. A few players have even been drafted by MLB. We play a Fall schedule, have a spring Florida trip, and play a 30-game spring schedule. If you are looking for a baseball program with a strong history, SUNY Schenectady may be the place for you!

The Royals are a member of the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) Region III and play their home game at Central Park A Diamond. 

See the Spring 2019 baseball schedule.


The 2019 SUNY Schenectady men's baseball team.

2019 Roster

 Name Pos No.
 Evan Maloney
 Mark Pace
 OF  5  Fr.
 Fermin Alvarez
 OF  7  Fr.
 Connor Farmer
 C/INF  9  So.
 Jesse Bucher
 P/OF  10  Fr.
 Colin Ponto
 OF  11  Fr.
 Ryan O'Keefe
 P/OF  15  So.
 Chance Brown
 P/1B  16  Fr.
 Patrick Henning
 C/OF  17  So.
 Josh Howland
 P/1B  21  Fr.
 Austin Zullo
 P  22  Fr.
 Stephen Mosely
 INF/P  23  Fr.
 Patrick Guiry
 OF/P  24  Fr.
 Angel Irby
 INF/P  25  Fr.
 Jacob Bernecet
 C/INF  29  Fr.
 Joseph Harwood
 P/1B  33  Fr.
 Isaiah Tucker
 P/OF  44  So.

2019 Results

 Date Opponent Score Record
 March 30
HVCC 15-0 0-1
  HVCC 18-1 0-2
 April 2 SUNY Adirondack
11-2 0-3
  SUNY Adirondack
5-1 0-4
 April 4 SUNY Adirondack
8-6 0-5
  SUNY Adirondack
9-6 0-6
 April 7 Jefferson CC
7-4 0-7
  Jefferson CC
9-8 1-7
 April 13 Cayuga CC
11-0 1-8
  Cayuga CC
11-1 1-9
 April 14 Cayuga CC
8-1 1-10
  Cayuga CC
7-6 1-11
 April 18 Onondaga CC
16-13 2-11
 April 23
Herkimer College
18-0 2-12
  Herkimer College
10-0 2-13
 April 25
Herkimer College
10-0 2-14
Herkimer College
13-1 2-15
 April 30
FMCC 5-4 3-15

10-8 4-15
 May 7
Jefferson CC
10-0 4-16

Jefferson CC
6-2 4-17
 May 9 MVCC 5-2 4-18
10-2 4-19