Transfer Services

The most successful Transfer Plans are those that are completed early.

Student talking to a business person at an on-campus career fair.After graduating from Schenectady County Community College, many students decide to continue their education at a senior/4 year college to obtain a Bachelor’s (B.A., B.S., or B.T.) degree. This may seem very daunting but in reality, it can be quite straight forward. Remember that your first 2 years at SCCC are usually the same as what you would have been taking in your first 2 years at any college. Therefore you should expect to go to a senior college as a Junior or third-year student. In most cases a B.A. or B.S. = A.A. or A.S. + 2 more years of study at a senior college.

SCCC offers transfer assistance to help you choose the senior college that is right for you. Whether your sights are set on a college across the country or right here in the Capital District, we can help you make the transition a smooth one. Here are links to assist you in your transfer plans...begin to use these links in your 1st or 2nd semester.

Meet with a Transfer Advisor
Transfer Walk-ins: Tuesdays from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Research Transfer Colleges and Universities

Meet with College and University Representatives at Transfer Events such as:

  • Advisor in Residence
  • College and University Information Tables
  • Transfer College Fairs