Digital Music and Beat Production

The Digital Music and Beat Production Certificate is intended to serve students who wish to pursue careers in digital audio media. These careers can include gaming and other media audio production, broadcast production and editing, digital performance, and audio/music recording. Students in the program will study digital sound production, editing, with special emphases on use of pre-existing materials/sampling, composition of original music, recording sound, and proper use of industry software and equipment.

No audition is required for entry into the Digital Music and Beat Production Certificate program.

Students in this program will:

  • utilize basic music theory and varying musical styles in the composition of original works;
  • develop a foundation in music keyboard skills;
  • create and edit digital assignments with recording and editing software and the Avid Pro Tools platform;
  • create original beat compositions using live instruments, original sounds, and vocalists, and utilizing techniques of tempo mapping and MIDI.