Hotel and Restaurant Management (A.A.S.)

Hotel and Restaurant Management students working with a professor. They are reviewing the proper way to set a formal dining table.

The Hotel and Restaurant Management Program supports the College and School of Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism by directly preparing students for direct employment and/or transfer to a baccalaureate program. Students gain theoretical and hands-on experience related to hotel and restaurant management. Graduates are well-qualified to assume a variety of responsible roles in hotels and restaurants including convention/event/meeting planning, food and beverage operations, dining room and banquet management, lodging, banquet, restaurant, resort, and attractions management. The program enables graduates to:

  • Demonstrate competency skills in basic food preparation, baking and desert making, food and beverage management, human resource management, dining room and banquet service, sanitation, and nutrition;
  • Experience an appropriate 600 hours of work to complement the classroom and laboratory requirements of the program;
  • Prepare for front or back of the house entry-level or management positions in the hospitality field, and
  • Transfer to four-year institutions into appropriate baccalaureate degree programs.

Students will be required to comply with the dress and sanitation requirements of the American Culinary Federation. Note: The only jewelry permitted in cooking laboratories are wedding rings and watches. No nail polish is allowed. Full uniform attire is required for any food preparation activity in all labs at all times. Specific details regarding the Policies for Food Laboratories are available from the School of Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism.

Each Hotel and Restaurant Management major must satisfy a work experience requirement of 600 hours, or its equivalent, in the hospitality industry. Details may be obtained from the Dean of the School of Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism.

Beverage Management Concentration

Graduates often decide to transfer to four-year institutions to earn their baccalaureate degree in the hospitality field. Students may obtain their baccalaureate degree at SCCC by taking the Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management with concentrations in Hotel & Resort Management or Travel & Tourism Management offered jointly with the State University of New York at Delhi.