Hospitality and Tourism Management (A.A.S.)

The Hospitality and Tourism Management A.A.S. degree program prepares students for direct employment in the hospitality and tourism industry. Students gain theoretical and hands-on experience related to inbound and outbound tourism, qualifying them to assume a variety of roles in the hospitality and tourism profession.

Goal I: Explore the scope and role of the hospitality and tourism industry.

  • Identify best practices in superior customer service skills
  • Analyze the ‘host/guest’ relationship in business/ industry
  • Identify the role of government in hospitality/tourism
  • Analyze marketing strategies utilized in hospitality/tourism

Goal II: Demonstrate the understanding of historical and emerging trends.

  • Identify the historical developments that shape the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Analyze current trends in hospitality and tourism

Goal III: Develop competencies required in the hospitality and tourism industry.

  • Apply common terminology/jargon used
  • Apply the steps/processes of effective event/ meeting/convention/group-tour management
  • Identify the function of human resources in the hospitality industry

Goal IV: Utilize technology to develop effective communication and professional presentation skills.

  • Develop and deliver effective presentations
  • Develop effective written communication skills
  • Identify various technologies utilized in the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Demonstrate ability to operate hospitality related technology/software

Goal V: Explore options for further education and/or employment.

  • Identify various continuing education options
  • Research career opportunities
  • Create personal goals and link to career opportunities

The Hospitality and Tourism Management A.A.S. degree program enables graduates to:

  • Prepare for a variety of positions in the tourism, hospitality and community planning fields, and
  • Enter the workforce with practical experience acquired through professional internships.

Graduates often decide to transfer to four-year institutions to earn their baccalaureate degree in the hospitality field. Students may obtain their baccalaureate degree at Schenectady by taking one of the Bachelor of Business Administration programs offered jointly with the State University of New York at Delhi.


Ingrid O'Connell "The field of hospitality is a dynamic and powerful force in the global marketplace. Hospitality and tourism careers offer students an opportunity to pursue their future anywhere in the world. Skills that are important to the service industry are introduced, developed, and applied in real world settings, including speed networking clinics, career expos, internships, and our management labs on campus. We work diligently to provide our students an education allowing them to be capable of making an immediate impact on an organization, regardless of specific position, based on high levels of professionalism and guest service. Our students are exposed to many of the most current technologies and best practices dictated by industry through our involvement with trade organizations and associations, local and national visitor bureaus, and tourism agencies. We feel certain that students graduating from our program will be the future leaders of the hospitality industry, and our program boasts a legacy of tremendous alumni in both leadership and front line roles.”

- Ingrid C. O'Connell, Professor
Ingrid C. O’Connell holds an M.S. from the State University of New York at Albany, a B.S. from Niagara University and an A.A.S. from SUNY Schenectady County Community College.