Culinary Arts (A.O.S.)

Culinary Arts students working with a professor in a food prep lab.

The Culinary Arts A.O.S. program prepares students for direct employment in the culinary arts industry. Students gain theoretical and hands-on experience related to both cooking and baking, qualifying them to assume a variety of roles in the culinary arts profession. The program enables graduates to:

  • Demonstrate competency skills in basic food preparation, baking and dessert making, food and beverage management, human resource management, dining room and banquet service, sanitation and nutrition;
  • Demonstrate basic skills in advanced techniques of haute cuisine, garde manger, and pastry and desserts;
  • Refine and strengthen culinary capabilities through the practical application of skills and knowledge gained in foundation and hospitality courses;
  • Experience an appropriate 600 hours of work to complement the classroom and laboratory requirements of the program, and
  • Prepare for entry-level or management positions in the culinary field.

In addition to textbook expenses, students in the Culinary Arts program are expected to purchase uniforms ($100+) and a knife set ($300+). Hats and/or hair nets are required by the New York State Health Code. Students will be required to comply with the dress and sanitation requirements of the American Culinary Federation. Note: The only jewelry permitted in cooking laboratories are wedding rings and watches. No nail polish is allowed. Full uniform attire is required for any food preparation activity in all labs at all times.

Each Culinary Arts A.O.S. major must satisfy a work experience requirement of 600 hours or its equivalent in the hospitality industry. Details may be obtained from the Dean of the School of Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism.

The Culinary Arts A.O.S. program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation.

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