Craft Spirit Distillation (A.A.S.)

The Craft Spirit Distillation A.A.S. Program prepares students for direct employment in the craft beverage industry. Students gain theoretical and hands-on experience related to craft spirit distillation, qualifying them to assume a variety of roles in the craft beverage profession.

Goal I: Develop competencies required in the craft beverage industry.

  • Apply common terminology used in the industry
  • Apply the steps/processes of each area of a beverage production facility including manufacturing, warehousing, marketing and sales
  • Demonstrate ability to utilize industry processes and equipment for production
  • Demonstrate the understanding of historical and emerging industry trends

Goal II: Utilize technology to develop effective communication and professional presentation skills.

  • Develop effective written communication skills
  • Demonstrate ability to operate beverage production related technology
  • Identify various sales and marketing plans utilized in the beverage industry

Goal III: Explore options for further education and/or employment.

  • Identify various continuing education opportunities
  • Research career opportunities through an internship
  • Create personal and professional goals and link to career opportunities