Casino and Gaming Hospitality (A.A.S.)

The Casino and Gaming Hospitality A.A.S. degree program responds to the need for qualified professionals who understand the operation areas of the casino and gaming industry and the strict regulatory requirements.

The 60-credit program provides students with the requisite knowledge and skills for professional opportunities in the gaming industry. It is designed to offer a well-rounded curriculum and includes six new courses in casino gaming management, as well as support course work in marketing, tourism and human resources management. Each student will be expected to complete an industry-specific internship. The core courses provide students with an overview of casino management, casino operations, regulatory requirement and casino security and surveillance.


Kim Otis, Assistant Professor
Kim Otis"There’s so much potential for our program to be a huge supplier of qualified job candidates. With the legislation that just passed in New York state and the influx of business, the degree program, and our division at large, are preparing our students to be job ready. We’re working toward having these students focus on responsible gaming, current industry practices, and the broad picture of hospitality as their foundation.”

Kimberly Otis has been a professional in the hospitality industry for many years and has served as an adjunct at SCCC for close to 20 years. She holds an M.S. in Service Leadership and Innovation from Rochester Institute of Technology and a B.A. degree in English/Communications from Springfield College.