SUNY SCCC faculty member working on a computer that is showing an image at the nano-level.

Nanoscale Materials Technology (A.A.S.)

The mission of the Nanoscale Materials Technology Associate in Applied Science degree program is to prepare graduates for employment in the semiconductor and superconductor industries in manufacturing, research or development fields while providing a solid foundation in material and physical sciences, mathematics, and electronics. The program prepares graduates to:

Goal I: Prepare graduates for employment as technicians in emerging industries.

  • Demonstrate the ability to operate and maintain equipment used in the design and manufacture of nanoscale materials
  • Demonstrate the ability to be an effective member or leader of an interdisciplinary team
Goal II: Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental principles of nanoscale materials manufacture and function.
  • Apply the theory of analog and digital electrical circuitry to the manufacture and use of nanoscale materials
  • Identify the unique qualities and applications of nanoscale materials
  • Apply statistical analysis to determine product quality and functionality
Goal III: Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.
  • Organize and maintain laboratory journals and technical documentation
  • Write laboratory reports that accurately represent experimental outcomes
  • Prepare and deliver oral presentations of technical information and experimental results