A SUNY SCCC student works under the hood in the Biotechnology Laboratory and Research Facility.

Biological Technician (A.A.S.)

The Biological Technician program is designed to meet the need for trained technicians proficient in the techniques used in biological laboratories. The program provides practical knowledge and experience with the equipment, processes, and protocols routinely used as a biological technician. Graduates will be qualified for entry-level employment in a variety of areas, such as medical and pharmaceutical industries, colleges, universities and research centers. Opportunities in research and development as well as manufacturing facilities are available. The 62-credit degree program will provide students with foundational course work in biology, laboratory techniques, and standard laboratory operating procedures.

Goal I: Demonstrate competency in the fundamental protocols used in biological laboratories.

  • Exhibit proficiency in fundamental laboratory skills and methods, including collecting, testing and examining specimens, used in biological labs.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the execution of experimental approaches, protocols and tools for scientific research.

Goal II: Prepare graduates for employment as biological technicians.

  • Set up, adjust, calibrate, clean, maintain and troubleshoot laboratory and/or field equipment.
  • Maintain, prepare, and clean supplies and work areas.
  • Demonstrate the ability to be an effective member of an interdisciplinary scientific team.

Goal III: Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills.

  • Explain basic laboratory protocols.
  • Maintain accurate records of laboratory methods and findings in laboratory reports and notebooks.
  • Communicate technical information and experimental findings in oral presentations.