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Deb Ahola


Gateway Building, Room 130

M.S. - Special Education: Illinois State University
B.S. - Psychology: University of Illinois
B.S. - Nutrition: Sage Colleges
A.A. - Music: Illinois Valley Community College

Deb Ahola has been teaching children and adults for 30 years. She began by teaching music in grades K-5 and then became a certified Montessori directress and started teaching preschool-aged children. After obtaining her Illinois and New York State Special Education Teaching Certification, she began working with children with special needs-primarily children with autism. Following a geographical move from Chicago to New York she began teaching at SUNY Schenectady County Community College. When Deb came to SUNY Schenectady in 1997 there was no Early Childhood Program. Deb created the ECH curriculum, wrote the courses and developed the program while still working with children with autism. For the past 15 years Deb has played an integral role in designing, implementing and nurturing the SUNY Schenectady Integrated Laboratory Preschool as well as taken on the role of head teacher in the classroom when it first opened. In the College of Liberal Arts Deb has taught courses in Psychology, Early Childhood Education and Special Education but the course that she is most passionate about teaching is Child Development. While teaching these courses Deb realized that she wanted to expand her knowledge and experience base to include not only information regarding the cognitive, social and emotional development of children but physical as well. So Deb began to pursue a career is Dietetics and is now a Registered Dietician and teaches Nutrition in the College of Science and Technology at SUNY Schenectady. Her ultimate goal is to assist children and their families to lead healthy lives.

Recent Creative/Scholarly Work/Publications

Co-authored Text: Observing and Understanding Child Development: A Child Study Manual. By Deb Ahola and Abbe Kovacik: Cengage Publishing: 2008.

B.S. Degree in Nutrition: Courses in: Nutrition, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Psychology-2015

Dietetic Internship: 1,200 hr. internship: Ellis Hospital, Price Chopper Headquarters, Mechanicville Community Center-2014-2015